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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jamestown Scholar James Horn is 2007 Washburn Lecturer

SALISBURY, MD---When English settlers arrived in 1607 at what became Jamestown, VA, they created the foundation of what evolved into the United States of America.

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of this settlement, Dr. James Horn, author of A Land As God Made It: Jamestown and the Birth of America, relates the story of that historic settlement at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 11, in the Wicomico Room of the Guerrieri University Center at Salisbury University.

For this lecture Horn retells the celebrated story of Jamestown, the earliest enduring English settlement in North America. His discussion includes the power and ingenuity of the Native Americans involved in that story, especially Wahunsonacock (better known as Powhatan), Pocahontas and Opechancanough, as well as the colonists who overcame horrific losses to keep the settlement alive.

Horn is vice president of research and O’Neill director of the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He recently completed a monograph on the writings of Captain John Smith and is currently working on a book about the Lost Colony of Roanoke, an English settlement predating Jamestown. He is also the author of Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth Century Chesapeake.

The Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture and the History Department at Salisbury University selected Horn as the 2007 Wilcomb E. Washburn Lecturer, made possible by the Wilcomb E. Washburn Endowment provided by the William E. Donner Foundation of New York. The late Washburn was a noted colonial historian, Director of Colonial Studies at the Smithsonian Institute and avid supporter of the Nabb Research Center.

Horn’s talk is free and the public is invited. For more information call 410-543-6312 or visit the Nabb Research Center Web site at

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