April 10-12, 2008



Registration Process

If your abstract has been accepted, you may register for the conference. We strongly recommend that you do not register for the conference unless you have received notification that your abstract has been accepted!

  1. If you are participating in NCURŪ through your college or university’s Undergraduate Research program, please work with that department and your faculty advisor for specific registration instructions. In many cases, the Undergraduate Research department coordinator is responsible for registering all presenters and attendees from their institution.


  2. If you are participating in NCURŪ on your own or have been advised to register on your own, you may register online through this web site, using your presenter identification number, after you have been notified of acceptance to the conference. Online registration now open.

  3. If you are a faculty member or non-presenting student wishing to attend the conference regardless of abstract acceptance, you will be able to register using the Online registration now open.

Please remember that registering for the conference does not imply acceptance for presentation. Only registrants who enter a valid presenter identification number will be scheduled to present at NCURŪ 2008.