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Oral Presentations

Here are the general guidelines for Oral presentations. If you have questions please send an email to .

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in length with five additional minutes allotted to each presenter for questions. This schedule will be strictly enforced.

  1. Oral presentations are held in smart classrooms, which contain a Windows PC that projects onto a large screen. Each PC is configured with standard Microsoft Office 2003 including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  2. We request that presenters use the PC provided and not use a personal laptop. With over 2,000 presenters we cannot reliably support 2,000 laptops over 3 days.
  3. The recommended format for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (name.ppt).
  4. Not all classrooms include internet connectivity. If presenter requires internet access for presentation, please send an email to to request internet connectivity. Include presenter’s PIN and full name in email request.
  5. Each classroom has a DVD/VHS player that projects onto a large screen.
  6. Each classroom has speakers that connect to the PC and DVD/VHS player.
  7. Presenters must bring any digital presentation materials on USB stick and/or CD/DVD. We strongly recommend that presenters bring a backup of their digital presentation materials on a backup CD/DVD. Sometimes USB drives do not work well.
  8. Some classrooms have a standard overhead projector and a 35 mm slide projector. If either an overhead projector or a 35 mm slide projector is required, please send an email to Include PIN and full name in email request.
  9. There is a rehearsal room located in Caruthers Hall, Room 103. Please plan on doing a quick test to make sure things work as hoped.
  10. If there are any technical difficulties during the presentation, please inform the moderator who will contact the technical support team.
  11. Presenters should arrive to their classroom 30 minutes prior to the start of their session to transfer their presentation to the desktop of the PC and insure that it opens properly.

Poster Presentations

  1. Poster presentations are displays on poster boards. They may not include exhibits of models, devices or computer programs. They must be prepared in advance.
  2. One side of a freestanding display board measuring 46 inches wide and 40 inches high will be provided to each presenter.
  3. The presenter must provide velcro to attach materials to the display board, along with any other supplies.
  4. Presenters must be available to discuss their displays during their assigned session.
  5. Posters must be readable from at least three feet away.
  6. The presentation title must be at least two inches high. Beneath the title, the name(s) of the student author(s), faculty advisor and school or institution must be at least one inch high.
  7. NCUR reserves the right to cancel a presenter's poster session if the above requirements are not met.

Visual Arts Presentations

  1. Visual Arts Presentations occur in a room adjacent to the University Art Gallery in Fulton Hall.
  2. Visual Arts Presentations are allocated the exact same resources as an Oral Presentation (see guidelines above).
  3. Adjacent to the presentation room is the Art Gallery where presenters may exhibit their work if they wish. Presenters will have approximately 8 linear feet of wall space or 64 square feet of floor space (for 3-dimensional art) available for their gallery exhibit.
  4. Hand-delivered artwork must be delivered to the art gallery between 8am and 10am on Thursday, April 10, 2008. Please notify an NCUR volunteer or staff person in the registration area (located in Wicomico Room, Guerrieri University Center) that presenter has artwork to deliver, and presenter will be assisted in transporting his/her work to the appropriate gallery.
  5. Commercially shipped artwork must be received between March 31 and April 4, 2008.
    1. Presenters are responsible for the packing, shipment or delivery of their artwork to NCUR 22, and any associated costs. Please plan to ship or hand-deliver 1-3 works of art, depending on size.
    2. For ease in unpacking, don’t use wooden crates unless Phillips head screws are used. Please don’t use Styrofoam peanuts; use only bubble wrap or Styrofoam sheets for packing.
    3. If presenters ship multiple cartons, label cartons 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, etc.
    4. Work accepted in the visual arts must be shipped in a reusable container (maximum dimensions: 130" total length and girth and maximum weight of 50 pounds).
    5. Oil and acrylic paintings must be mounted on stretchers and framed when possible. Drawings, photographs and prints must also be framed, but only with Plexiglas. Do not ship any artwork framed with glass.
      • All hanging hardware must be in place on the artwork
      • Do not use eZ ready made or poster frames on artworks. Use standard metal moldings with snap, screw or euro hangers with spring clips and wire for hanging or standard wood moldings with screw eyes and wire for hanging.
      • Attach Identification Tags to the back of each artwork with the following information:
        Presenter’s name, address, phone number and the title of the artwork must be included. If presenter has multiple artworks, indicate entry #1, #2, #3, etc. both on the identification tag and the shipping carton it was shipped in.
      • Any special installation instructions or hardware must be included with the artwork in the shipping carton.
      • Only installation approved hardware will be used: The gallery will supply needle nose nails, hangers and screws (not to exceed #8 with split back plastic anchors).
    6. Work accepted for presentation must be shipped via UPS to:

      Art Work (NCUR 2008)
      Salisbury University 119 Bateman Street
      Salisbury, MD 21804

    7. All accepted NCUR artwork must remain on display until 6:00 p.m. Friday, April 11. Artwork must be retrieved between 9:00 am and noon on Saturday, April 12, from the gallery where it is on display. Presenters are responsible for the repacking and shipping of their artwork as well as payment for return shipping. However, someone will be present in the gallery to assist with repacking.
    8. We strongly suggest presenters insure their shipment as neither NCUR nor Salisbury University will be responsible for any damages in the shipment of items to and from the NCUR 22 conference.
    9. To ship artwork and other items back home we suggest the purchase of a prepaid shipping label from UPS. Shipments with prepaid UPS labels will be shipped from the University’s receiving department on Monday, April 14. A UPS Store and FedEx Kinko’s are located near the University. Hours of operation will be posted as the conference approaches.

If presenters have any questions regarding their artwork and gallery exhibit, please contact .

Performing Arts – Music, Dance and Theatre

  1. Music, Dance and Theatre Performing Arts presentations will occur in Holloway Hall Auditorium.
  2. Music Presentations:
    1. Music participants may perform up to 15 minutes with 5 additional minutes allotted for questions in one of the following categories: A) Original composition; B) Composition in the style of a specific musical period, style or composer; C) Arranging; D) Performance; E) Lecture recital or F) Research and/or analysis.
    2. Resources available on campus during presentation are playback for audio cassette/CD in a classroom setting only. For categories A, B and C, students must provide a full score (or significant portion of a score if work is in progress) plus a cassette or CD cued to the performance. For category D, students must provide a cassette tape or CD cued to the performance. For categories E and F, students should follow the standard NCUR format. Name, school, address, phone number, composer and musical instrument of piece must be attached to all submitted materials.
  3. Dance Presentations:
    1. Performances may be up to 15 minutes in length with 5 additional minutes allotted for questions.
    2. Students must provide a cassette tape or CD cued to the performance.
  4. Theatre Presentations:
    1. Participants may present monologues or scenes (up to five actors).
    2. Performances may be up to 15 minutes in length with 5 additional minutes allotted for questions.

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