April 10-12, 2008



Abstract Submission Process (Online Submission Now Open!)

Please read all instructions before continuing to the registration process

  • The deadline for NCUR® 2008 submission is December 1, 2007.* No abstracts will be considered after the deadline has passed.

    *The deadline for submitting an abstract for NCUR has been extended until 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday December 3rd.
  • All abstracts must be submitted via the online abstract submission process (see below).
  • Abstracts must be submitted before registering for the conference. Acceptance of your abstract does not automatically register you for the conference. Conversely, registration for the conference does not imply acceptance of your abstract for presentation.
  • While NCURŪ receives more than 3,000 abstract submissions each year, approximately 2,000 will be accepted for presentation at the conference. Therefore, we strongly recommend that students wait for notification of acceptance before registering for NCURŪ 2008.
  • Abstracts should:
    • State in clear terms the central research question and the purpose of the research.
    • Provide a brief discussion of the research methodology.
    • State conclusions (either final or anticipated).
    • Be well organized.
  • All abstracts will undergo a rigorous review by a panel of faculty reviewers. Abstract reviewers will evaluate submissions based on the criteria listed above and will assess the overall creativity within the context of the specific academic discipline.
  • It is expected that students whose research involves living human subjects have received appropriate home institution approval for that research.
  • Online Abstract Submission Process

    The following steps are necessary to submit an Abstract for NCURŪ 2008:

  1. In close coordination with your faculty advisor or Undergraduate Research department, review the application and prepare your abstract and information for submission to NCURŪ 2008. It is recommended that you print the form ahead of time to ensure that you have all required information prior to filling out the online form.

    Note:  To print a copy of a SAMPLE abstract submission form click here: Abstract Submission Sample Form (closed - link removed)

  2. Under the guidance of your faculty advisor or Undergraduate Research department, submit your abstract to NCURŪ 2008 between October 5 and December 1, 2007* using the online abstract form (available on October 5, 2007). This form must be completed in its entirety. We highly recommend that you print a copy for your records before clicking ‘submit’. Please do not submit your abstract more than once.
    *"The abstract submission period is now closed. Students will receive email notification about the acceptance or non-acceptance of their abstracts by January 25th.".

    To submit your abstract online, please follow these steps:

    1. Between October 5 and December 1, 2007 go to the online abstract form (closed - link removed) (this opens in a new window)
    2. Click "Create New Abstract."
    3. Next, click either "Create New Abstract - Students," if you are student, or "Create New Abstract - Faculty Submitters Only," if you are Faculty.
    4. Follow the instructions to fill out the Abstract Submission Form.

      The Abstract Submission Form is quite lengthy. We recommend that you print the sample form (closed - link removed) first to familiarize yourself with all the information required.
    5. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. If you have filled in all the required fields, you should be taken to a page that shows your email address (username for this system) and a link to the abstract you submitted.
      Note: You should receive two emails from NCUR22 - one to confirm the account creation and another to confirm successful submission of your abstract. If you do not receive these messages, please contact NCUR22.
    6. Click the link to your abstract to review it or click Log out to exit the system.

    Note: You can log back in at any time, up until Feb 22, 2007,  to update your information. While you can update much of the information associated with your abstract, you cannot modify your abstract title or abstract text once it is submitted.

  3. You will receive email notification of acceptance or rejection of your abstract on or before January 25, 2008. If your abstract is accepted for presentation at NCURŪ 2008, your notification will include a unique identification number for use in the online registration process.
  4. If your abstract is accepted you should then register for the conference using the online registration form.