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Nanticoke River Center
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Inside the House

Many efforts were made to ensure the Nanticoke River Center was a sustainable house.  This house was built with materials has many features that make it sustainable.  In order to be considered sustainable, a home must be able to be upheld and maintained at a certain rate or level.  However, as environmentalist sustainability, while still optimizing features we also want to see a decreased impact on the planet.  This house, while more modern updates could improve it, has done so.  The house has multiple features.  For example, the majority of the building materials making up the floors, walls, cabinets and insulation were installed with sustainability in mind.  These were made with reused, recycled, or renewable resources that lessen the impact of developing a man made structure on the environment.  Other features, such as the solar panels, and geothermal systems, lessen the impact of a functioning household.  The technology used for these systems utilize natural power without depleting it.  Not only are the features in this household decreasing the potential damage to the environment, the cost to maintain it has been decreased, thus easier to maintain due to certain aspects, like tank-less water heaters and locally bought tiles.

Sustainable parts include:
Nanticoke River Center-Outside Deck
-Doors and Windows
-Natural Walls
-Living Room Floor
-Wheatboard Cabinet
-Kitchen Floor
-Tankless Water heater
-Locally Made and Bought Tiles
-Cork Flooring
-Garage Upstairs Flooring
-Garage Wet Lab
-Solar Panels
-Recycled Roofing
-Composting Toilet

Signage is provided at the house about the sustainable parts


Tentative amenities for the house include:

Sleeping space for 24 students and 2-3 faculty
S​pace for presentations/seminars/workshops for  ~30 people
Additional meeting space (with smart board) and work areas
Kitchen area

Tentative garage/lab space amenities:

Mud room
Movable tables
Wet bench (lab benches)
Dissecting scopes
Lab refrigerator/freezer
Field equipment (nets, sampling equipment, etc.)

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