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Scholarship Information

Recent Recipients of Music Department Scholarships and Awards

Department of Music Award

  • Spring 2009: Robert Slangen
  • Spring 2010: Allison Bewley
  • Spring 2011: Laura Spies

Guerrieri University Center Award

  • Spring 2009: Monica Harwood
  • Spring 2010: Jocelyn Hensley
  • Spring 2011: Timea Bodi (instrumental) Caitlyn Howard (vocal)

Nettie Bentley Memorial Scholarship

  • Spring 2009: Jocelyn Hensley, Jared O. Young, Julian Crowhurst, Allison Bewley
  • Spring 2010: Kimberly Barnhill, Timea Bodi, Allison Bewley, Caitlyn Howard
  • Spring 2011: Madeleine Clifton, Kassidy Korb, Jocelyn Hensley, James Carpenter
                          Ashley Hartman, Miesha Burley

Salisbury Symphony Orchestra Scholarship

  • 2009 - 2010: Jessica Deane, Julie Gellman, Leticia Holyoke, Page Miller,
                          Jeremy Riffle
  • 2010 - 2011: Madeleine Clifton, Samuel Cole, Jessica Deane, Julie Gellman,
                          Amanda Libby, Page Miller
  • 2011 - 2012: Madeleine Clifton, Samuel Cole, Jessica Deane, Julie Gellman,
                          Amanda Libby, Jewelianna Palencia

William Folger Scholarship

  • Spring 2009: Terron T. Quailes
  •     Fall 2009: Timea Bodi
  • Spring 2010: Kathrin Thawley
  •     Fall 2010: Kathrin Thawley
  • Spring 2011: Caitlyn Howard
  •     Fall 2011: Miesha Burley
  • Spring 2012: Caitlyn Howard

Ensemble Scholarships

University Chorale - Fulton Dean's Scholarship

  • Spring 2009: Korey Cunningham, Kimberly Barnhill, Allison Bewley
  •     Fall 2009: Nathalie Thomas, Tatiana Henry, Timea Bodi
  • Spring 2010: Nathan Gioconda, Timea Bodi, Catherine Depperschmidt
  •     Fall 2010: Timea Bodi, Terron Quailes, Caitlyn Howard
  • Spring 2011: James Carpenter, Elizabeth Schultz, Kathrin Thawley
  •     Fall 2011: Grace Cho, Kyle Failla, Michael Pistorio
  • Spring 2012: Miesha Burley, Brittany Eaton, Michael Pistorio

Jazz Ensemble

  • Spring 2009: Laurel Noone, Justin Thomas, Therran Dennis
  •     Fall 2009: Thomas Davis, Philip Thomas, Johnnie Kearse
  • Spring 2010: Thomas Davis, Johnnie Kearse
  •     Fall 2010: Jason Kearse, James Burks, Jr, E. Thomas Simpson
  • Spring 2011: Sean Kelley, Jason Kearse, Brian Alexander
  •     Fall 2011: Samim Manizade, Thomas Davis

Concert Band

  • Spring 2009: Christopher Wolff, Scott Bunting
  •     Fall 2009: Kristen Knight-Griffin, Christopher Wolff
  • Spring 2010: Christopher Wolff, Kristen Knight-Griffin
  •     Fall 2010: Kristen Knight-Grifin, Christopher Wolff
  • Spring 2011: Christopher Wolff, Kristen Knight-Griffin
  •     Fall 2011: Jacqueline Darrow, Kristen Knight-Griffin

Musical Theatre Workshop

  •     Fall 2009: Alyssa Mullins, Kimberly Barnhill, Rebecca Norris
  •     Fall 2011: Leah Wilson, Melissa Martin, Michael Pistorio

Salisbury Symphony Orchestra

  • Spring 2009: Daniel Kotowski
  •     Fall 2009: Kristen Knight-Griffin, Kristen Lamb
  • Spring 2010: Casey Nuttle, Kristen Lamb
  •     Fall 2010: Patricia Rose, Kristen Lamb
  • Spring 2011: E. Thomas Simpson, Kelly Schallhorn, Patricia Rose
  •     Fall 2011: Patricia Rose

Meritorious Scholarships
The Presidents Scholarship
The Fulton School of Liberal Arts Scholarship

Admitted students who meet the minimum criteria for scholarship consideration are sent a letter from the Office of Admissions informing them of application procedures for meritorious scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis to resident and non-resident students who meet the minimum academic credentials. Criteria for consideration: combined SAT score of at least 1250 with minimum verbal score 600 or a minimum ACT of 29; and at least a 3.25 high school GPA. Additional students whose profiles warrant selection, but who lack one of the criteria will be documented and approved by the Dean of Admissions.

Transfer students from Maryland community Colleges may also be eligible to compete for academic scholarships. These individuals normally enter with junior standing, have attained at least a 3.5 GPA, and must enter Salisbury University during a fall semester.

Students receiving meritorious awards must maintain a 3.3 GPA for continuance.

Admitted Fine Arts students specializing in either music, theater, art or dance who demonstrate an exemplary talent, who meet all academic criteria, or who may lack one or more criteria, or those who demonstrate leadership qualities may also be eligible for scholarship opportunities.

Procedure: Admitted Fine Arts students wishing to be considered for meritorious scholarship opportunities must also audition or present portfolios prior to March 1st. Based on an exemplar audition/portfolio review, the department chair will notify the Dean of Admissions in writing prior to the March 1st deadline of individuals who may be candidates in the Fine Arts.

For further information regarding meritorious scholarships contact: The Office of Admissions, Salisbury University, 1101 Camden Avenue, Salisbury MD 21801-6860, (410) 543-6161. 

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The Nettie C. Bentley Music Scholarship

Established in 1992 as a performance-based scholarship, the Nettie C. Bentley Scholarship is awarded to admitted students who are enrolled as candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree and are maintaining all course sequences in music. Criteria for consideration: Exemplar audition or jury performance, evidence of academic achievement, a 500 word essay of career goals, and two letters of recommendation. Students may reapply annually. Materials must be submitted to the Office of the Department of Music prior to January 13, 2012.

For further information regarding the Nettie C. Bentley Music Scholarship, contact the Department of Music, Salisbury University, 1101 Camden Avenue, Salisbury MD, 21801-6860, (410) 543-6385. 

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The Music Department Award

The Music Department Award is presented to honor a Music or Music Education senior degree candidate who demonstrates his or her musicianship through some outstanding performance contribution, superior academic achievement, and exemplification of superior personality and character traits in his or her campus conduct. The award will consist of placing the students name on a permanent plaque displayed in the Department of Music, a cash award, and a copy of The Harvard Dictionary of Music.

The following criteria will assist the faculty of the Department of Music in making the annual selection:

  1. The candidate must be a senior degree candidate to graduate at either mid-year or Spring commencement.

  2. The candidate must be recognized for outstanding musicianship.

  3. The candidate must have made some outstanding contribution in either ensemble or solo performance.

  4. The candidate must have maintained an over-all grade point average of 3.0 or better.

  5. The candidate must have made contributions to the life and activities of the Department of Music.

  6. The candidate must exemplify desirable personality and character traits in his/her campus conduct.

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University Center Music Major Award

Presented to honor a degree candidate music major who has demonstrated outstanding musicianship by outstanding recital performance and academic achievement.

The award will consist of a check in the amount of $150.00 and a copy of The Harvard Dictionary of Music.

The following criteria will be used in selecting the candidate for this award:

  1. A minimum of 3.0 GPA after three (3) semesters is required.

  2. Demonstrated outstanding musicianship in either solo or ensemble performance.

Each February the University Center Director and the Chair of the Department of Music will appoint a committee of three (3) faculty members to determine the recipient of this award. 

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Ensemble Scholarships

Join a music ensemble, have some fun and perhaps win a scholarship!

The Fulton School of Liberal Arts is offering as many as fifteen $200 scholarships each semester to students wanting to have some fun singing or playing their instrument in a music ensemble. The Department of Music currently has five large ensembles to choose from and they are open to any student with prior musical experience. What better way can you continue your music studies than by joining one of these groups, receiving University credit and perhaps winning a scholarship all at the same time?

Vocal ensembles include the University Chorale (MUSA 100), an ensemble of mixed voices who meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. and the Musical Theatre Workshop (MUSA 104) that meets every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Instrumental ensembles include the Symphony Orchestra (MUSA 105) that meets every Sunday evening from 7:00 – 9:45 p.m., the Wind Ensemble (MUSA 107) that meets every Monday evening from 7:00 – 9:45 p.m. and the Jazz Ensemble & Improvisation (MUSA 102) that meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00 – 9:45 p.m.

All majors from any discipline are eligible for these scholarships provided they agree to remain enrolled in the course and complete all requirements for the duration of the semester. Winners will be decided based on an audition. Students interested in applying should contact the Department of Music at 410-543-6385.

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Thomas G. Elliot Orchestral Scholarship
$1,000.00 Scholarship

The Thomas G. Elliot Scholarship will be awarded to students who are accepted or previously enrolled at Salisbury University. The awards are made on the basis of talent and are renewable for up to four years. All students must audition with the conductor of the orchestra and the orchestra player’s committee.  Students from all majors are invited to apply.

All students accepting this scholarship award must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a full time student at Salisbury University

  2. Play and be enrolled in the orchestra for credit each semester

  3. Maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0

  4. Incoming freshman should have an overall grade point average of 3.0 in their senior year of high school

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William M. Folger Scholarship

The criteria for the William M. Folger Scholarship Program are as follows:

  1. The scholarship is awarded based on an audition with the University Chorale director each semester with the approval of the Dean of the Fulton School.
  2. Students may be from any major of study
  3. Students must participate in the University Chorale at Salisbury University

At present the amount awarded each semester is $500.

The William M. Folger Scholarship was created in the name of the current Director of Choral Studies at Salisbury University.  An anonymous donor made the initial endowment to start the scholarship program to recognize Dr. Folger’s effort and dedication in bettering the music programs at Salisbury University.  At present, the Folger Scholarship, instituted in June 2005, awards $500 each semester to a student participating in the University Chorale, one of five major performing ensembles in the Department of Music.  The scholarship is awarded by audition by the Director of Choral Studies and with the approval of the Dean of the Fulton School of Liberal Arts.  Eligible students must be from any major of study, participate in the University Chorale during the semester of the award, and complete the audition process. 

The William M. Folger Scholarship Program continues to grow with donor contributions annually.  The first two recipients of the Folger Scholarship are Jordan Nichols, fall 2005 and Ruth Glagola, spring 2006.  

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