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Salisbury University (the "University") PRESTO is a performing arts education outreach program offered to the community to provide instruction to students of all ages, levels and activities.  In consideration of being permitted to participate in PRESTO on the University campus, PRESTO students (and parents/guardians of students where the student is a minor) are advised of the following: 

1.  PRESTO takes place on the University campus in Fulton Hall where participants are given access to the facilities by qualified instructors.

2.  Participation in PRESTO is wholly voluntary.  Students may be dropped off Fulton Hall during the time of instruction or parents/guardians who accompany students may wait on the University campus for the student to attend the lesson.

3.  The University is not responsible for the safety or well-being, nor for any damages, losses or injuries of any PRESTO student or person(s) attending the PRESTO program with a student while on the University campus, except as may be caused by the negligence or actual malice of University employees and agents.

4.  The student (or parent/guardian of a minor student) agrees not to bring any legal or other action or make any claim against the University, its employees or agents for any injury, damage or loss while participating in PRESTO and agrees to release the University and its employees and agents from any such claims that are in any way connected to participation in PRESTO.  If the student (or parent/guardian) does not agree to so release and indemnify the University, the student may not participate in PRESTO.

5.  A student who has any physical or other medical condition that may require special accommodation (or a parent/guardian with knowledge of such condition of a minor student,) must notify the Director of PRESTO upon registration and prior to beginning any participation in PRESTO.  In such cases, the University will engage in an interactive process with the student (or parent/guardian) to determine whether a reasonable accommodation is available.

6.  The University does not have medical personnel available at the University.  In the event of injury or incident requiring immediate medical attention, the University will seek emergency treatment for the student.  The University assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage that might arise out of or in connection with such emergency medical treatment.  If the student (or parent/guardian of a minor student) does not authorize emergency medical treatment, the University must be notified in writing prior to registration in PRESTO.

7. The University reserves the right to decline to accept or retain a student in PRESTO at any time should the actions or the general behavior of the student impede PRESTO or the rights or welfare of any person.  Should the student's conduct, or the conduct of any person accompanying the student, violate any law or University policy, the University may require the student or any other person to immediately leave the premises and not return to the PRESTO program.

8.  The University may take photographs or make recordings of the student for publicity or marketing purposes for PRESTO.  In this event, the University will request written permission for use of the student's likeness prior to use.

9.  The University retains the right to require the student or parent of student to sign a liability waiver prior to participation in PRESTO.

Attendance: Regular attendance is expected of all students. Exceptions include instructor absence and school closings. If SU is closed, there will be no lessons or classes.

Lesson Scheduling: Lessons are on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Specific times are decided between instructor and parent/student. Students are allowed one excused absence per term, which will be made up during the last week of the term or at the teacher's convenience. The teacher must receive notice of the absence at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time in order to be considered an excused absence. Instructors are not required to make up additional absences. Please contact the PRESTO office before registering to ensure instructor availability.

Supervision: The supervision of any PRESTO student who is a minor (17 years of age or younger) is the responsibility of the parent or guardian while in the Fulton School or on Salisbury University campus.

Payment: Students must submit registration form and payment before lessons begin. Payment may be made in 3 ways: online, by mail, or in person at the PRESTO Office (Fulton Hall P14.) Personal checks, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and AmEx) and cash are accepted.


  • 10% Multiple Sibling Discount: Available for families registering more than one sibling. Students must register at the same time and for the full session to receive the discount.
  • 10% Multiple Class of Multiple Lesson Type Discount: Available for students registering for one or more classes or lessons in multiple instruments/voice. Students must register for classes or lessons at the same and for the full session to receive the discount.


  • Refunds for withdrawal due to student illness will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Refunds will not be given for withdrawal after the first class.
  • All refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee


  • All students are required to provide their own instrument for lessons and practice (unless otherwise notified by the instructor).


Fee Schedule

Group Lessons and Classes (per 60 minutes)
6 weeks session 1 $132.00
6 weeks session 2 $132.00
12 weeks $264.00
Individual Lessons (Student Teachers / Interns)
12 weekly lessons per semester
30 min. $264.00
45 min. $396.00
60 min. $528.00
Individual Lessons (Professional Teachers)
12 weekly lessons per semester
30 min. $330.00
45 min. $495.00
60 min. $660.00

*registration for the entire semester is required.

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