Music Department
Holloway Hall

Honoring the African American Spiritual

On Friday, March 7, 2008 at 7:00 pm, Voice Students and Faculty Artists from The Department of Music presented concert of African American Spirituals during the Friday Night Live Series at the Wicomico Public Library.  It was truly an inspiring performance!

**all photos courtesy of George Hayne**

John Wesley Wright giving the introduction

Robert Slangen gave a wonderful speech at the start of the program

Monica Harwood and her performance of "His Name So Sweet"

Robert Slangen and Nathan Anderson singing "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?"

Allison Bewley and her performance of "Follow Me!"

Brittany Spicer gave us an emotional performance of "Sinner, Please Don't Let Dis Harves' Pass"

Elaine Prendeville gave us her all in "Roun' About de Mountain" and "Watch and Pray"

Nathan Anderson and his enthusiastic performance of "It's Me, Oh Lord" along with Robert on drum

Monica Harwood and guitarist Zach Caceres perform "Little David Play on Your Harp"

Faculty Artists John Wright and Dr. Danielle Cumming and their performance of "Deep River"

William Willis encouraged us all to "Gimme Yo' Hand"

Robert Slangen telling us exactly what it is to be a "Witness"

Laurel Noone along with saxophonist James Burks, Jr. (below) and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen"

John, Monica and Allison and the problems of gossip with "Scandalize' My Name"

William is getting in on the conversation

uh oh.. Nathan has something to say too!

performers from left to right:  Zach Caceres, Dr. Danielle Cumming, James Burks, Jr., Robert Slangen, Monica Harwood, Allison Bewley, William Willis, Brittany Spicer, Veronica Knier, Nathan Anderson and Laurel Noone.... outside of camera range:  Elaine Prendeville and John Wesley Wright

Accompanist Veronica Knier gave a stellar performance for our artists

John Wesley Wright and Mr. Tom Hehman at the conclusion of the performance


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