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9_11 Cermony 2006

Dr. Linda Cockey and John Wesley Wright at the 9-11 ceremony 2006.

Everyone focuses on the Mozart Requiem at our dress rehearsal.

Adam Miller and Jordan Nichols liven up the Mozart rehearsal.

This is a switch.  Danielle Carboni accompanies our department's accompanist, Professor Zimmer on the flute.

Hannah has played violin in Youth Orchestra and SSO most, if not all, of her high school life.

Amy Bejm plays at her own graduation in Spring 2004.

This is what it looks like from a player's perspective in Wind Ensemble, playing for SU's Graduation.

Our orchestra decides to relax in one of the Mozart Requiem rehearsals on their downtime.

Mrs. Zimmer and Dr. Folger is plotting to change a measure in the accompanying score to keep one of their students on guard (not really).

Mrs. Zimmer accompanies Brian singing in Performance class.


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