Music Department
Holloway Hall

"Elijah" performance May 4, 2008

The SU Chorale and Salisbury Chorale joined with the Oratorio Orchestra to present Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s masterwork Elijah on May 4, 2008. Conducted by Dr. William Folger, director of choral studies at SU, Elijah follows stories from the Old Testament, culminating with the prophet’s bodily assumption into Heaven on a fiery chariot.

The concert featured some 89 singers and 38 instrumentalists. Guest soloists included baritone Reginald Pindell as Elijah, mezzo-soprano Cristy Lynn Brown as Angel and Queen Jezebel, and tenor John Wesley Wright as Obadiah.

Reginald Pindell, baritone

Cristy Lynn Brown, mezzo-Soprano

John Wesley Wright, tenor

Elaine Prendeville, soprano

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