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During April 17-20, 2008, Salisbury University made history with it's first staged production of an opera. The production was Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, which tells of the Trojan refugee Aeneas who is shipwrecked in Carthage and falls in love with Dido, its legendary Queen. When Aeneas must leave for Rome, Dido can not live without him. Students from the newly created Opera Workshop course made up the cast which was led by Dr. T Paul Pfeiffer, Stage Director, Prof. John Welsey Wright, Musical Director, and Mr. Rob Baker, Orchestra Conductor.

Opera Cast:

Laurel Noone: Dido, Queen of Carthage

Robert Slangen: Aeneas, Warrior Prince of Troy

Lainey Prendeville: Belinda, Dido's Sister

Monica Harwood: Second Woman/Dido's Assistant

William Willis: The Sorcerer, Envious of Dido

Kelly Hays: First Witch

Rebecca Norris: Second Witch

Allison Bewley: Spirit posing as Mercury

Brandan Pippens: First Sailor

Courtiers, Witches, Sailors and Wenches (Chorus)

from left to right: Brandan Pippens, Christie Stone, Shanice Jones, Matthew Weaver, Rachel Hann

from left to right: William Willis, Aubrey Maggio, Brittany Spicer, Allison Bewley

Nathan Anderson and Monica Harwood

Calvin Robinson and Stacy Markle

Rebecca Norris and Korey Cunningham

Kelly Hays (left) and Laurel Noone

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