MultiCultural Student Services


Holloway Hall

Programs and Services

  • Faculty Mentor Program - Faculty, staff and administrators are assigned to work as mentors to undergraduates, and provide guidance and enrichment opportunities.
  • Peer Mentor Program - Upper-class students are selected to serve as mentors and provide assistance in helping new students adjust to the Salisbury University campus.
Early Warning System - The Early Warning System (EWS) is a volunteer program designed to assist freshmen in their transition from high school to college. The EWS program has four primary objectives:
  • To assist students in identifying available resources;
  • To assist students in accomplishing their academic goals;
  • To assist students in conducting self appraisal of their academic performance
  • To increase the contact between students and their professors
  • African-American Visiting Scholars Program - This program is an effort on the part of the university and this department to bring to campus African-American scholars from an array of disciplines. The purpose of this effort is to expose the faculty, staff and students to Minority Scholars who have made a tremendous contribution to academy.
  • Student Scholars Program - This program is designed to recognize those African-American Students who have performed extremely well academically each fall and spring semester. As part of the program the honorees are awarded a certificate and recognized as part of the Visiting Scholars program each year.
  • Resource Library - The African-American Resource Room is a repository of books, videos and magazines specifically oriented to the African-American experience. Faculty and students use it as a ready resource for research and information. Materials can be checked out by calling the Office of MultiCultural Student Services.  For a conclusive library list of the Multicultural Student Services Resource Room, click here.