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MSCA By The Numbers
Popular state-wide, the Center attracted students from 21 Maryland counties in 2006 (with one Maryland resident coming to Salisbury via Japan!). Over 50 percent of our students return for two or more seasons, and an average of 500 friends, family and community members attend student performances and exhibits each summer. Since 1995, roughly 9,000 visitors have been drawn to the Maryland Summer Center for the Arts at Salisbury University, many of them traveling from across the Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

MSCA celebrates the riches a diverse student body affords and is committed to offering all qualified students access to its unique community. To that end, the recruitment and retention of talented under-represented students are primary program goals. While 10 percent of the annual budget is dedicated to need-based scholarships, it is rarely enough. Funds often are drawn from the operating budget to supplement student needs. Compared to other residential programs, MSCA’s tuition ($1,400) is relatively low. But for many talented young artists living in Maryland, this modest fee presents a large economic challenge.
“Visual arts was so great! I learned a lot and improved. The teachers were helpful and positive. This is my first year here. I’ll try to come back next year because I liked this camp so much. I’m kind of sad to leave!"