Computer Adaptive Placement Exam (CAPE)



By following the information below, you may earn up to twelve (12) discounted buy-back credits for your prior language learning in high school in French, German, or Spanish. Note that SU does not automatically award back credits through our Computer Adaptive Placement (CAPE) exam. You must take the recommended course first and receive a “C” or better.

Take the CAPE to find this recommended initial course placement. Taking the CAPE is easy.  You may take it from any computer with internet access, either on campus or at home.  You simply go to the Department of Modern Languages web site at and then click on “Testing Policy” to the left of the page.  Then click on “Access the CAPE Placement Exam.” Enter the following password: cuenca

Once you enter the exam page, click on Spanish, French or German.  Fill out the personal information and click on “Survey.” Fill out the form to the best of your ability.  Finally, click on “Begin Exam.” 

The exam itself should take 15-25 minutes.  It is an “adaptive” exam because it increases or decreases the level of difficulty of each question based on whether you answer the previous question correctly or incorrectly.  The exam focuses on grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension.  There are no sections that evaluate listening or speaking. 

When the program has established your level, it will end the exam suddenly and automatically and display your results.  Very important: At this point, please remember to click on “Finish.”  We will not receive your score if you do not complete this final step.  

Once you have your score, locate it on the following scale.  The chart below tells you both the level in which you should be enrolled and how many, if any, back credits you will be able to purchase following completion of the course, with a C or better, in question.

  A: CAPE Score:  B: Should enroll in:  C: Back credit eligibility:



4 back credits for 102



8 back credits for 102, 201



FRENCH: 310/312/316/317


12 back credits for 102,
 201, 202

Take your score and the information from points B and C on the chart and copy them into the statement on the other side of this sheet.  If you will be eligible for back credits, also see the statement regarding back credits on the back of this sheet, as well.

Computer Adaptive Placement Exam (CAPE)


Congratulations!  You have scored ________________ on the Computer Adaptive Placement Exam. 

Based on this score you should be placed in _________________________________ this semester.  If you complete this recommended level with a grade of C or better you will be eligible to purchase _________________ back credits at a reduced rate.  Be sure to follow the instructions below in order to receive your back credits.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your placement based on the CAPE, please contact the Department of Modern Languages (Holloway Hall 100).

We’ll see you in class!


Directions for Receiving Back Credit from the CAPE

Congratulations!  Based on your performance on the Departmental Computer Adaptive Placement Exam, you may be eligible for back credits!  In order to receive back credits you MUST complete all of the following steps. 

  1. Earn a grade of C or better in the level into which you placed (or a higher level).
  2. See the Program Management Specialist in the Department of Modern Languages (Hollway Hall 100) and tell her that you wish to buy back credits in the language in question (she will give you a form to take to Step #3 below).
  3. Pay the tuition fee at the Cashier’s office in Holloway Hall.  By earning the credits through this placement exam they will cost only ½ the usual per-credit-hour tuition!
  4. Return to Modern Languages Office (HH 100) with a copy of the receipt from the Cashier’s office for the paid back-credits.

Verify at the end of the semester following the completion of #4 above that the credits have indeed been added to your record.  After the completion of #4 the process may take as long as several months before the credits appear on your record.  Contact the department if they do not appear on your record. 

* * *