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2011 SU Summer Program in Spain

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Praise for the SU Summer Program in Spain

"In a nutshell this trip has been the most fun and interesting thing I have ever done in my life. It's going to be real hard to top this."

Other comments:
"The program was excellent. I achieved all of my goals and much more."

"The program was very well organized both in Spain and before we got here. I felt really prepared for this trip as far as knowing what to expect on a face value level while I would be living in Spain."

"I liked the freedom I had here to explore Spain and do things on my own."

"The group trips were a great opportunity to see some places outside of Málaga that we probably would not have been able to do on our own. The information presented by the guides also enhanced the experience."

"I liked the sheets we got each week with suggestions on what to do to enhance our experience. Also, the tutor groups were excellent. We saw some neat stuff, but more importantly we had the chance to practice speaking with someone close to our age without feeling intimidated. All four tutors were wonderful and I really learned from them."

"I honestly feel like this program has had a healthy and intense impact on not only my understanding of Spanish culture and history, but also on the rest of my life. Spain has changed my view of the world."

"I loved the comradry between the students here. I felt like I was part of a family."

"I loooooved the experience...."

"I think that the program is wonderful. I've really learned a lot here by being submerged in the culture."

"I think the best aspect of the program was all the free time we had."

"In a nutshell this trip has been the most fun and interesting thing I have ever done in my life. It's going to be real hard to top this."

"This program met and exceeded all of my expectations."

"I enjoyed staying with my Spanish family and I appreciated all of the time and effort contributed by our tutors in organizing our tutorías."

"I thought that the program was organized and excellent. I really enjoyed this experience. There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't like it here. I also like the way the classes were scheduled and the excursions, too."

"The best aspect of the program was being in Spain and experiencing their culture and traditions while learning and perfecting the Spanish language. I really don't think there was one best aspect--everything came together to make a wonderful program."

"I think the program is great and ran very smoothly...."

"The best aspect was being here, in Spain, living and breathing it every day. The excursions we took were amazing, but it was also an amazing experience just to walk the street every day. So my answer [as] to the best aspect is quite simple: Spain."

"I really liked it here and I thought the program was very well put together."

"I absolutely loved the tutorías. I looked forward to them every week. I thought they were a great, informal way of learning about the city and Spain."

"I thought the program was very well organized. There was always stuff planned for us, yet there was also a fair amount of free time, too."

"I think that the point of this immersion experience was even more than teaching the language of Spain; that it also tried to show a different culture. In this it has definitely succeeded."

"Best aspect of the program? I guess I would have to say the excursions and the classes. I learned so much in class. The free time to walk around, see the city, experience everything was awesome, but the classes helped me know where to go, what to say...."

"The tutor sessions every week were great. Being able to talk with people basically our age was so much fun."

"A wonderful experience, eye-opening."

"I enjoyed the program immensely....I had an absolutely wonderful time and learned so much. The trip definitely surpassed my expectations."

"Best aspect--tutorías--because we were able to talk in Spanish with people close to our age."

"The trips were all very beneficial and helped to add to what we were learning."

"[My family] was incredible, very friendly, helpful. I learned a lot in class, but I learned [even] more in the streets. Free time is golden here."

"We had plenty of freedom."

"Everything was close to perfect for me."

"I had such a great time, no real worries, no regrets. I can honestly say I love Spain."

"[Best aspect?] How close everyone got. We all had freedom, but still we were pulled together because we were all in the same boat."

"I love [Málaga] . This is the perfect city for this program."

"Overall, I thought the program was great! Very well organized!"

"I can't think of one aspect of the program that is the best; there are many positive aspects."

"The teachers at the University were all very nice and willing to help out if we had any questions. The first few tutorials where they took us around the centro, to the mall and to the University, that was very helpful since we didn't know where anything was. The historic places we visited were all really interesting and I will never forget seeing them. The welcoming dinner and the dinner we had La Gran Corona were also fun and I liked them a lot."

"In 5 weeks I have accomplished a lot and learned a lot."

"Assessment of the program? Awesome. Dr. Brower, I can't believe you didn't pull all your hair out putting this together. Everything was always in order--starting from day 1. There was never a time for mass confusion. Announcements were made--reiterated again and again--there was a place and time to be and the bus was going to be there. I am very impressed with the way things were run..."

"Best aspect of the trip? Everything? Can I say that? I don't want to pick one thing because all of it put together is what made it so cool. We did things, saw things together--many of us went out together a lot, but we also had time for ourselves."

"Other positive comments? I'm already giving you a novel to read. Everything about this trip has been positive."

"By coming to España, I was given the chance to conquer one of my biggest fears, speaking the Spanish language comfortably. I can honestly say that I came here to improve my Spanish and to learn about a new culture. And now after 5 weeks, I have learned that speaking Spanish isn't so hard after all and I really can do it, and that España is an amazing place to live."

"This program has been one of the best experiences I have had in my three years at SU."

"Living with a Spanish family was the best aspect of this program. It offered the best chance to experience the culture and the language, not just as a tourist and student, but as a welcomed guest."

"I am so glad that I had the chance to come here, and everything was great."

"I have had a great time and experience in Spain!"

"I would do it over and over again. [I] have NO regrets whatsoever."

"Best aspect? My family--they were great, and the location--Málaga is wonderful."

"Other positive comments? Too many--everything was incredible."

"Best aspect? The involvement of Drs. Brower and Stiegler, and the tutores."

"The tutorías were very helpful and fun."

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