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Corinne Pubill - Associate Professor of Spanish

Corinne Pubill - Associate Professor of Spanish

Associate Professor
Fulton Hall 290

From left to right: Dr. Sally Perret, Dr. Corinne Pubill, Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach


Ph.D., Latin American and Spanish Literature with an emphasis on Argentina, University of California, Davis (2006)

M.A., Spanish Literature and Civilization with an emphasis on Argentinean and Chilean Literature, University of Perpignan, France (1997)

M.A., French as a Second Language, University of Perpignan, France (1997)

B.A., Spanish Literature and Civilization, University of Perpignan, France (1994)
        Spanish Literature (Erasmus), University of León, Spain (1993)

B.A., French as a Second Language, University of Perpignan, France (1994)

Previous Positions:

Spanish Lecturer, Marillac Institute, Perpignan, France (2005-2007)

French Lecturer, University of Perpignan, France (2005-2007)

Spanish Associate Instructor, University of California, Davis (1998-2004)

Spanish Reader, University of California, Davis (2002)

Spanish Research Assistant, University of California, Davis (2001-2002)

Spanish Teaching Assistant, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (1997-1998)

Spanish Instructor, Colorado College, Colorado Springs (1995-1996)

French Instructor, Colorado College, Colorado Springs (1995-1996)

French Lecturer, Summer University of Perpignan, France (1993-1995)

Salisbury University Courses Taught (2007-Present):

Spanish 498: Internship
Spanish 496: Independent Study
Spanish 336: Survey of Latin American Literature
Spanish 316: Latin American Culture and Civilization
Spanish 312: Spanish Conversation
Spanish 310: Oral and Written Composition
Spanish 309: Summer Program in Spain
Spanish 300: Topics, Hispanic Films
Spanish 300: Study Abroad in Argentina
Spanish 201: Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 101: Elementary Spanish
MDFL 248: STU Contemporary Culture
French 403: Advanced Composition and Conversation with Media
French 402: Advanced Conversation
French 496: Independent Study
French 312: French Conversation
French 310: French Grammar and Composition
French 300: Topics in French Literature
French 202: Intermediate French


President’s Diversity Award (2016)

Fulton International Award (2016)

Areas of Specialization:

Contemporary Latin American literature, culture, and film

Memory, rumors, insile, violence, identity, gender, class and race stigmatization in Argentinean Literature

Research Interests:

Part of my most recent research focuses on the narratives that are cultural products of dictatorial regimes in Latin America. These narratives appear in the work of various contemporary Latin American authors, such as renowned Argentinean writer María Teresa Andruetto. Along with many other publications on different authors, I have written several articles on Andruetto’s novels. I have worked on Lengua madre (Monther Tongue) and La mujer en cuestión (The Woman in Question), which deal with the mechanisms of terror during the Argentinean Dictatorship (1976-1983). I examine the term insilio (insile) and analyze the participation of society in this process though the use of rumors.

Cover: Miradas DesobedientesRecently, I published a co-edited critical volume that explores the intersection of gender, identity, and the Argentinean Dictatorship in the literary works of Andruetto. The book, Miradas desobiendientes: María Teresa Andruetto ante la crítica (2016), includes critics and writers from the US, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and Italy, with the participation of Elsa Drucaroff, Nora Domínguez, Luisa Ruiz Moreno, Pampa Olga Arán, Valeria Sardi, Emilia Perassi, Susana Romano Sued, Claudia García, Jorge Bracamonte, Candela Marini, Emilia Deffis, Karina Elizabeth Vázquez, Francisco Brignole, Martín Kohan, and myself. Thanks to the generosity of María Teresa Andruetto, the collection of essays also offers an unedited short story of María Andruetto called “Los ahogados."

Salisbury University Service (2007-Present):

Director, Study Abroad Program in Argentina (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016)

Director, Study Abroad Program in Malaga, Spain (2008)

Advisor, Spanish Minors (2007-Present)

Advisor, Spanish Majors (2008-Present)

Advisor, Organization for Latin American Students (2009-2013)

Advisor, Spanish Club (2007-2010 and 2011-2012)

Co-supervisor, Pinehurst Elementary School Tutoring Program (2010-Present)

Chair, Tenure and Promotion Committee (2015-2016)

Member, Tenure and Promotion Committee (2013-2016)

Chair, Fulton Faculty Grants Committee (2016-2017)

Member, Fulton Faculty Grants Committee (2009-2010 and 2015-2016) 

Member, Fulton Curriculum Committee (2010-2013)

Member, Women History Month Committee (2009 and 2011)

Member, Latino Heritage Month Committee (2010-2011)

Member, International Program Committee (2009-2010)

Member, Dean’s Advisory Council (2007-2010)

Chair, Spanish Search Committee, (2014-2015)

Member, French Search Committee (2009, 2011 and 2014)

Recruiter, J1 Visa Instructors from the University of Perpignan, France (2013 and 2014)

Member, Chief Diversity Committee (2011)

Discussion leader, New Student Reader Program (2013, 2014 and 2015)

Faculty mentor, Salisbury University Student Research Conference (2013 and 2016)

Volunteer, Salisbury University Student Research Conference (2014-2016)

Moderator, Salisbury University Student Research Conference and National Conference on Undergraduate Research (2008 and 2013)

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