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Management & Marketing
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Management & Marketing


Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Management and Marketing offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Science degree with the following majors:

  • Management
  • Marketing Management

The department also participates with other departments in offering:

  • The International Concentration
  • The Individualized Track

In addition, the department offers a minor in:

  • Marketing Management

And it participates with other departments in offering a minor in:

  • Business Administration

Link to Undergraduate Major and Minor Checklists

Graduate Program

At the Graduate level, Management and Marketing courses are an integral part of the Master of Business Administration degree program.

The Disciplines of Management and Marketing

Both Management and Marketing employment opportunities are found in virtually all organizations, including profit-seeking and non-profit firms.

The Management major offers a general approach to the management of employees, finances, raw materials, and information. Management students learn to set goals, formulate strategies, motivate, and monitor performance.

Recent reports show that the job outlook for generalists is very good. Despite the headlines made when large firms downsize, small- and medium-sized companies currently offer many opportunities.

Marketing and sales are not synonymous as many people believe. In addition to sales, marketing personnel typically work in areas such as advertising, market research, product planning, purchasing, transportation, or public relations. An excellent program of study is combining a marketing major with a minor in communications or vise-versa.

The Marketing Minor is open only to non-business majors. However, many students with interests in more than one area of business find they are able to obtain a business degree with two majors, such as Marketing and Management, without delaying graduation.

Students who do not concentrate or minor in our department may want to take some advanced courses with us. For example, taking our Entrepreneurship course will be valuable in preparing a business plan to compete for the Bernstein Awards (which include substantial cash prizes). Also, we offer numerous other courses helpful to students of all majors desiring to run their own businesses.

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Student Organizations

The department also offers enrichment opportunities outside of classes through student organizations:

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