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Tape to DVD, DVD to DVD Copies and DVD Production

Under no circumstances can any copy right material be Edited, Duplicated or Reproduced in this area. No exceptions.

For creating or copying of DVD discs you must provide source material on Mini DV, S-VHS, DVC-PRO or regular VHS tapes. all material has to be of good quality and contain no brakes in the program material.


Facility or Students wanting to copy material to DVD format will have to pay a $5.00 fee for each disc. Media Services can provide a DVD authoring station for producing complex projects requiring directories, sub directories, close caption  or other specialized applications.

Departments can send material to be copied to media Services by campus mail along with a work order to pay any duplication or media cost.


          Video Production, Studio or on Location Recording

Media Service can record your event, class or presentation. This can take place in one of our two television production studios or at the site of your event.

Contact Ray Fantini  with the date, location  and description of what you want recorded and we will attempt to provide you with all the necessary information for a successful production.

Cost will vary with simple recordings with one camera being little more then the cost of the student labor to more elaborate productions that may involve an entire studio and crew. Also remember that the facilities and equipment are provided primarlerley for educational functions only, ANY non Academic function is subject to a commercial rate schedule.

Please try to contact Media Services at least thirty days prior to your event with the description of the production, location and university work order with account for the paying department.

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