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Mathematics majors are eligible for the prestigious Henson School Scholarships and for additional scholarships.


Unlimited opportunities exist for mathematics majors.  Our graduates are employed in an array of public and private sector organizations.  We have graduates working, for example, as a Lockheed Martin engineer; a Beacon Technologies software developer; middle school, high school, and university faculty members; a National Security Agency mathematician; an IRS statistician; and as a marine scientist.  Many graduates successfully complete graduate programs. For more information and resources pertaining to finding your career in mathematics, visit the SU Career Services Mathematics Major site.

Mathematics majors are assisted in their 
career development in the following ways:

Undergraduate Research

Research activities are a critical element of the educational experience for mathematics majors.  Students are encouraged to develop independence, problem-solving, and mathematical skills through undergraduate research.  Our students present at the Henson School Undergraduate Research Symposium, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, and regional meetings of the Mathematical Association of America. Students may receive college credit for the research by applying to register for course credit under MATH or COSC 390 before starting the research.


Faculty members work closely with students to help them find suitable internships and cooperative learning experiences at sites such as: NASA-Wallops Island, Beacon Technologies, and the Census Bureau. Before starting an internship, students may apply to register for course credit under MATH or COSC 380. For more information, or to look for currently available internships visit:

  1. the Department internship site,
  2. the Career Services internship site, or
  3. the Career Services Math / CS internship list.

The Center for Applied Mathematical Sciences (CAMS)
CAMS helps businesses, industries and educational agencies solve problems in strategic ways.  Teams of students work cooperatively with faculty on real-life projects, including a client report and a presentation.  Clients have included Filtronic Comtek, Computer Sciences Corp. and Salisbury University.

Student Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Students are urged to become actively involved in the mathematical community through SU's charter student chapter of the MAA