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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers programs for students with diverse interests.  Students select from the following programs (titles link to checklists for course planning). Listings for Minors follow those for majors.


Computer Science Major.  Prepares students to become outstanding computer science professionals, with an emphasis at the upper level in software development. Cooperative learning and team experiences are incorporated throughout the program to prepare students for environments they will encounter after graduation. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Major, Traditional Option. Prepares students for graduate school in mathematics or careers requiring outstanding reasoning and problem-solving ability, such as a mathematician at the National Security Agency. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Major, Applied Option.  Prepares students for careers in problem-solving.  It emphasizes the utility of mathematics and the construction and utilization of mathematical models. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Major, Concentration in Computer Science.  Part mathematics, part computer science, this hybrid major is particularly successful in preparing students to compete in dynamic areas where computer use is fundamental.  Graduates of this program are working in fields such as software development and engineering. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Major, Concentration in Statistics.  Prepares students for a number of career paths including becoming an actuary or a government statistician.  It also prepares students for graduate school in statistics or operations research. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Major, Certification in Secondary Teaching.  Allows students to earn a bachelor's degree in mathematics and to become certified to teach in middle or high school in Maryland, 31 other states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.  Because it includes a standard mathematics curriculum, the program prepares graduates to become excellent teachers as well as for other challenging careers. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Major, Concentration in Actuarial Science This track is designed to prepare the student for an actuarial career or some related field involving financial risk management.  It includes preparation for two professional actuarial exams and provides background for a third.   [Academic Checklist]


Actuarial Science Minor. [Academic Checklist]

Mathematics Minor. [Academic Checklist]

Statistics Minor. [Academic Checklist]

Computer Science Minor. [Academic Checklist]