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The Math and Computer Science Club plays an active role in promoting a sense of community among majors and faculty, and in disseminating information on career opportunities and curricular issues. The Club also sponsors trips to national and regional meetings of professional organizations so that students can see firsthand new developments in mathematics. In addition, the Club sponsors a Student Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America and of Pi Mu Epsilon, a mathematics honor society.

Students and faculty work together outside class preparing for the Mathematical Competition in Modeling. Several of our students have done very well in this world-wide competition.

Students often combine their classroom experience with a campus job by working in the Department's tutoring program or in the University's Computer Center.

The Salisbury University mathematics graduate emerges prepared to begin a career in the mathematical sciences or to pursue a graduate program. Private businesses and governmental agencies visit the campus each year to recruit mathematics majors. Areas with career opportunities include mathematical modeling, actuarial science, statistics, operations research, systems and applications programming, and teaching.



  • Jean Hopkins, Administrative Assistant II
  • Jenny Howard, Administrative Assistant I and MSME Coordinator


  • Jathan W. Austin, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Delaware, Newark
    • Mathematics Education, Teacher Education, Number Theory
    • Office: HS 134
    • (410)  543-6472
    • E-mail address:
  • Homer W. Austin, Professor; Ph.D., University of Virginia
  • Troy V. Banks, Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas, Dallas.
  • Robert Barber, Senior Lecturer; M.S., American University
  • Michael J. Bardzell, Professor & Chair; Ph.D., Virginia Tech.
  • Alfred Beebe, Lecturer; Ph.D., University of Washington
  • Jennifer Bergner, Professor & MSME Director; Ph. D., University of Northern Colorado.
    • Metaphors and metonymies in mathematics, cognitive and affective elements involved in the teaching and learning of abstract algebra, and the professional development of teachers.
    • Office: HS 132D
    • (410) 677 - 5429
    • E-mail address:
  • Lori A. Carmack , Assistant Professor; Ph. D., University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis
    • Office: HS 128
    • (410) 677 - 3079
    • E-mail address:
  • Dean DeFino, Associate Professor, Internship Director and Director of Computer Science; M.S., University of Tennessee
    • Computer Architecture, Compiler Construction
    • Office: DH 105
    • (410) 543 - 6145
    • E-mail address:
  • Terry Drechsler
  • Mary Beth Flagg, Visiting Assistant Professor; M.S., Wilmington College
  •  Michael Gauger, Professor of Practice, Ph.D. in Mathematics, Notre Dame University
    • Actuarial Science, Mathematica
    • Office: HS 132F
    • (410) 543 - 6194
    • E-mail address:
  • Steven M. Hetzler, Professor; Ph.D., Northwestern University
  • Veera Holdai, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Wayne State University
  • Robert A. Johnson, Senior Lecturer; Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Gerard Keough, Visiting Professor; Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Bohdan (Don) Kunciw, Senior Lecturer; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University
  • Carvel LaCurts, Senior Lecturer; M. Ed., Salisbury University
  • Steven T. Lauterburg, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Enyue (Annie) Lu, Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
    • Parallel Processing and Computing, High-performance switches/routers, Optical networks, Algorithm design and analysis, Computer Architectures, Combinatorics and Graph Theory
    • Office: HS 114
    • (410) 543 - 6144
    • E-mail address:
  • Kurt E. Ludwick, Associate Professor and Tutoring Director; Ph.D., Temple University
  • Theresa Manns 
  • E. Lee May, Jr., Professor; Ph.D., Emory University
    • Functional Analysis, Operator Theory
    • Office: HS 138
    • (410) 543 - 6464
    • E-mail address:
  • Keith Offen, Lecturer
    • E-mail address: 
  • Sherryl Olson, Lecturer
  • Sang-Eon Park, Associate Professor; Ph. D., University of Cincinnati
    • Modeling and Simulation, Algorithm development, Software development, Wireless communication networks
    • Office: HS 126
    • (410) 677 - 5007
    • E-mail address:
  • David L. Parker, Professor; Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Charles P. Pautler, Lecturer; Ph.D., George Washington University
  • Carla Schultes, Lecturer
  • Kathleen M. Shannon, Professor; Ph.D., Brown University
    • Numerical Analysis, Critical Thinking and Mathematics;
    • Office: DH 104
    • (410) 543 - 6476
    • E-mail address:
  • Donald E. Spickler, Jr., Professor & Associate Chair; Ph.D. University of Virginia
    • Algebra, Geometry, Fractals, Computer Graphics, Software Development;
    • Office: HS 132E
    • (410) 543 - 6148
    • E-mail address:
  • Melissa A. Stoner, Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Lehigh University
    • Biomathematics, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Modeling, Mathematics Education
    • Office: HS 120
    • (410) 677-4941
    • E-mail address: