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The MATH/COSC 380 course is designed to enhance the understanding of how mathematics, statistics, or computer science are actually used in practice. Students work in a private business or public agency on a project for which they can apply knowledge and experience related to their field of study. 

Current Opportunities

See Professor Defino (, the department's internship coordinator, for information.

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Active Interns
    Summer 2007

     Intern:  Kate Weaver
     Firm:  Us Army Research Laboratory
     Work Supervisor:     Lisa Roach
     Academic Advisor: Barbra Wainwright

      Intern: Michael Lay
      Firm:   NAVAIR  Warfare Analysis DOD
      Work Supervisor:  Edward J. Rebman
      Academic Advisor: Dean DeFino

      Intern:   Rachel Broemm
      Firm:     Defense Security Service
      Work Supervisor:   Jessica Abensour
      Academic Advisor:  Lee May

       Intern: Daniel Webster
       Firm:   Wor-Wic Community College
       Work Supervisor:  Diane Lesser
       Academic Advisor:  Barbara Wainwright

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To insure proper control of the internship work/study experience the following procedures must be followed. 
1. The work/study experience must be approved prior to the experience.
2. The required reports and faculty coordination must be accomplished as the work/study experience is taking place. 
3. Registration for the internship must be concurrent with the experience.

Student responsibilities prior to approval of the program

1. Provide the following information to the faculty internship coordinator prior to the work/study experience: 
A. Name of firm or institution. 
B. Address of firm or institution. 
C. Name of supervisor. 
D. Title of supervisor. 
E. Phone number of supervisor.
F. Complete the Internship Application and return to the faculty internship coordinator.
    The application can be obtained from the department secretary. 

The faculty internship coordinator will communicate with the supervisor and the internship committee of the department to determine if the work/study experience is appropriate for MATH/COSC 380 credit. When the committee is satisfied that the experience is appropriate, the student will be informed. A faculty internship advisor will be assigned to the experience.  This could be the internship coordinator or another faculty member from the department.    The student is expected to communicate with the advisor through e-mail at least once a week.  This correspondence will keep the advisor informed of the weekly activities.   The student will then provide the following documentation using a word processor.

   1). Complete a midterm report that summarizes the progress at the end of the sixth week. The   report should address the objectives as stated above and any changes in the objectives. The midterm report is due to the faculty internship advisor at the beginning of the seventh week. 

    2. Complete a final report that summarizes the entire internship experience. The objectives and any changes in the objectives should be addressed. Also, a section to indicate classroom skills utilized and classroom skills needed but not attained should be included. The final report is due to the faculty internship advisor at the end of the last week of the term.

    3. Give an oral presentation of the work/study  experience. 

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Internship Coordinator 
    For more information please contact