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Course Schedule & Syllabi

Fall 2016 Course Schedule

Schedules and Syllabi

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Archived Schedules and Syllabi

Departmental course syllabus available by clicking on Course Title.  For textbook information please visit SU's Bookstore.

Subject Course Title
COSC 116  Introduction to Computer Systems
COSC 117
Programming Fundamentals
(See Instructor for Textbook Information)
COSC 120  Computer Science I
COSC 220 Computer Science II
COSC 250  Microcomp Organization
COSC 320 Adv Data Structures
COSC 350 Systems Software
COSC 362 Theory of Computing
COSC 380 Internship
COSC 386 Database Implementation
COSC 425 Software Engineering I
COSC 432 Compiler Construction
COSC 472 Network Security
MATH 105 Liberal Arts Math (May)
MATH 105 Liberal Arts Math (Ludwick)
MATH 105 Liberal Arts Math (Schultes)
MATH 130 Fundamental Concepts I
MATH 135 College Algebra Modeling
MATH 140 College Algebra & Trig
MATH 150 Data & Probability Connect
MATH 155 Mod Stats w/Comp Analysis
MATH 160 Intro to Applied Calculus
MATH 198 Calculus for Biology and Medicine
MATH 201 Calculus I
MATH 202 Calculus II
MATH 210 Intro to Discrete Mathematics
MATH 213 Statistical Thinking
MATH 214 Statistics Lab
MATH 230 Fundamental Concepts II
MATH 300 Intro to Abstract Math
MATH 306 Linear Algebra
MATH 310 Calculus III
MATH 311 Differential Equations I
MATH 313 Survey Design & Sampling
MATH 380 Internship
MATH 413/513 Mathematics Statistics I
MATH 430/531 Mathematical Connections for Secondary Teachers
MATH 441/561 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 451/551 Analysis I
MATH 465/515 Mathematical Models and Applications
MATH 471/571 Numerical Methods
MATH 502 Applied Statistics
MATH 506 Selected Topics
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