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Eastern Shore High School
Math Contest Presentations

  • 1991: "On the Shoulders of Giants: A View of Math in the 21st Century"
          -- Dr. Phillip D. Creighton

  • Mar. 1992: "Manifold: The Basis of Modern Differential Geometry"
          -- Dr. Carla N. Schultes

  • Nov. 1992: "Math and Medicine: Strange New Ways to Save Lives"
          -- Dr. Steven M. Hetzler

  • 1993: "Fermat's Last Theorem and the Appeal of Mathematics"
          -- Dr. E. Lee May, Jr. 

  • 1994: "Mathematical Mind-Reading: The Chinese Remainder Theorem" 
          -- Dr. Kathleen M. Shannon

  • 1995: "Hypercube: Gateway to Higher Dimensions"
          -- Dr. Steven M. Hetzler

  • 1996: "Symmetry in Mathematics and Nature"
          -- Dr. Michael J. Bardzell

  • 1997: "Sound Mathematics"
          -- Dr. Robert M. Tardiff & Dr. Steven M. Hetzler

  • 1998: "The Robot Who Knows Algebra"
    -- Dr. Robert M. Tardiff & Dr. Michael J. Bardzell

  • 1999: "Are Seven-game Playoff Series Fairer Than Five-game Playoff Series?"
          -- Dr. E. Lee May, Jr.

  • 2000: "Quantum Mysteries for Anyone"
          -- Dr. Harel Barzilai

  • 2001: "Fractal Image Compression" 
          -- Dr. Donald E. Spickler

  • 2002: "The Million Dollar Math Contest"
          -- Dr. Kurt E. Ludwick

  • 2003: "Cubes and Spheres in Dimensions Higher Than Three"
        -- Dr. David L. Parker    

  • 2004: "Mathematics: At the Front of Good Chemistry"
          -- Dr. Divya E. Devadoss

  • 2005: "What's Bigger Than Infinity?"
          -- Dr. Kathleen M. Shannon

  • 2006: "Fermat, Torricelli, Steiner... Not Just Any Point(s)"
          -- Mr. Carvel LaCurts

  • 2007: "The Curves Are Alive With The Sound of Mathematics"
          -- Dr. Steven M. Hetzler

  • 2008: "How to Save a Life: Mathematics in Medical Research"
          -- Dr. Troy V. Banks

  • 2009: "Are Seven-Game Baseball Playoffs Fairer than Five-Game Series?"
          -- Dr. Brian J. Dean

  • 2010: "Why are so many people today in such deep financial trouble?"
          -- Dr. Michael A. Gauger

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