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The Eastern Shore High School Mathematics Competition

Sponsored by
  The Klein G. and Mary Lee Leister Foundation
Delmarva Power, An Exelon Company

The 34th Annual Eastern Shore High School Mathematics Competition
will take place on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

The goal of the 34th Annual Eastern Shore High School Mathematics Competition is to promote and support mathematics in the secondary education community of the Lower- and Mid-Eastern Shore counties of Delmarva.

Competition Information - Invited Presentations - Previous Exams - 2016 Winners

Competition Information:

  • The event provides a fun and challenging mathematics competition focused on both individual and cooperative achievement. Each participating school may enter a team of up to three students in the competition.
  • The team round presents each school's team with challenging, open-ended problems. To solve these problems, the team members are encouraged to work together. Each team is to provide complete solutions to as many problems as possible, including justification of all steps and clear, concise explanations. The use of calculators is permitted during the team round. It is the responsibility of each team to provide calculators for their team.
  • The individual round has each student, working independently, answer twenty multiple choice questions. Winners are chosen based on the number of questions answered correctly; there is no penalty for incorrect answers. The use of calculators is not permitted during the individual round.
  • Subject areas covered by contest questions include: algebra, geometry, functions and functional notation, exponents and logarithms, trigonometry, probability and statistics, logic and set theory, arithmetic sequences, geometric series, and number theory.
  • Awards are presented to the three students with the highest scores in the individual round of the contest and to the three teams with the highest scores in the team round.

Invited Presentations: After the individual round, students attend a brief workshop on a mathematical topic which they may not otherwise encounter in the high school curriculum. Recent topics have included:

  • "Euclid, Mersenne, And The Search For Perfection" (2011)
          -- by Dr. Kurt E Ludwick
  • "The Vexations of Voting Systems" (2012)
          -- by Dr. Jennifer A. Bergner
  • "What's the Shortest Route? Measuring Distance in an Alternate Universe" (2013)
    by Dr. Steven M Hetzler

  • "Prime Numbers: Old, New, and Yet to be Discovered. Answers to Interesting Questions" (2014)
    by Dr. Robert M. Tardiff
  • "Dealing with Probability" (2015)
         -- by Dr. Lori A. Carmack
  • "Inflating the Lungs, One Breath at a Time" (2016)
          -- by Dr. Melissa A. Stoner

(For a complete list of previous years' presentations and speakers, click here.)

Previous Exams: Here are some links to previous years' exams.

Competition Information - Invited Presentations - Previous Exams - 2016 Winners

2016 Winners:

  • 1st Place: St. Andrew's School                                                      
    Team: Evan Chiu, Tiger Luo, John Paris
    Coach: Mr. Eric Finch
  • 2nd Place: Broadwater Academy                                                             
    Team: Emma Booker, Zach Lingle, Winnie Wei
    Coach: Dr. Mark Mentzer
  • 3rd Place: Stephen Decatur High School                                                                         
    Team: Andrew Burke, Dana Kim, Ian Waggoner
    Coach: Mrs. Sherryl Olson
  • 1st Place: Tiger Luo, St. Andrew's School
  • 2nd Place: John Paris, St. Andrew's School
  • 3rd Place: Lucas Murphy, James M. Bennett High School

Competition Information - Invited Presentations - Previous Exams - 2016 Winners

For more information, please contact Dr. Jathan Austin or Prof. Carvel LaCurts.

Last modified 8/14/2017

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