Spring 2014 Class Schedule

The following courses are full: The Constitution and the Supreme Court, Look at Art , D-Day, Assateague, Greece, and Aspects of Settlement and Growth

Course Descriptions

Aspects of the Settlement and Growth of the Lower Eastern Shore through the Nineteenth Century. Ray Thompson. Mon. 10-12, Feb. 10-Mar. 3 (4 sessions). Nabb.

D-Day—The Normandy Invasion. Michael J. Roberts. Mon. 12:30-2, Mar. 31-Ap. 21 (4 sessions). TETC 277

Learning to Look at Art: Gathering Meaning and Enjoyment through Observation. Tamora Kowalski. Mon., 2:30-4, Feb. 10-Mar. 10; Mar. 24 (6 sessions). Henson 341

The Constitution and the Supreme Court: Religion and the Government under the First Amendment. Page Insley-Austin. Tues., 10-11:30, Feb. 11-Mar. 11; Mar. 25-Ap. 1 (7 sessions). Bethany.

The Psychology of Death, Dying and Bereavement. Carolyn Stegman. Tues. 10-11:30, Ap. 8-May 13 (6 sessions). Enrollment limited to 25.

From Hoof Prints to Footprints: The Role of the People of Assateague Island. Kelly Taylor. Weds. 10-11:30, April 9-30 (4 sessions). GUC Nanticoke Room

The American Short Story III: Redefining US. Nancy Hesser. Thurs., 10-11:30, Feb. 13-Mar. 13; Mar. 27 (6 sessions). Bethany.

Poe: The Baltimore Raven. Dorothy Yeatman. Thurs., 10-11:30, Ap. 3-May 15 (7 sessions). Bethany.

Great Decisions: Discussion of Major Issues Worldwide. Jarvis Cain. Thurs., 12-1:30, Feb. 13-Mar. 13, Mar. 27-Ap. 10 (8 sessions). Bethany.

We Are What We Ate—A Gastronomic History of Delmarva. Phil Hesser. Thurs., 2:30-4, Feb. 13-Mar. 6 (4 sessions). TETC 184

The “Spanish Tinge”: Latin American Music and North American Jazz. Phil Hesser. Thurs. 2:30-4, Mar.13, Mar. 27-Ap. 10 (4 sessions). TETC 184

Greece—The Cradle of Western Civilization. Joseph Chaikel. Fri., 10-11:30, Feb. 14-Mar. 14, Mar. 28-Ap. 4 (7 sessions). TETC 277

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