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Technology @ the Library

The SU Libraries many services and a variety of equipment to help faculty, staff, students, and community members in their academic pursuits. Choose a section below to find out more about what we offer.

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General Information

  • Copying & Printing
    Copying Services
    Public copiers are located on the first floor near the Circulation Desk. Black & white copies are $0.10 per page. We do not offer color copying.
    Black & White Printing
    The library offers several ways to print in black and white. SU students, faculty, and staff can print using their weekly print quota and pick up their prints at any of the 3 print release stations in the building (Yellow, Blue, or Green). Community users with guest logins must send their prints to the circulation desk (See the "Information for Community Members" section for more information).
    Color Printing
    Patrons logged on to library computers may print to the color printer at the Circulation Desk at a charge of $0.50 per page. Send your print jobs to the BL-140-HP5550-Color printer.
  • Scanning & Faxing

    There are five scanning stations in the library that will scan documents and images which can be emailed, saved to your P: drive or flash drive, or printed.

    • Two SimpleScan kiosks are located near the library entrance. These machines can also save scans to a Google Drive account or to a smartphone or tablet. They cannot save to P: drives.
    • One scanner is located in the Media Viewing Room
    • One scanner is located in the Lab on the second floor.
    • One scanner is located in the Accessibility Room (requires Gull Card access).

    The library's fax machine is located near the Circulation Desk on the first floor. It can only send faxes; you cannot have faxes sent there to be retrieved. Only payments by credit or debit card are accepted.

    Faxing Prices
    First Page $1.50
    Each Additional Page $1.00

    Other Faxing Options

    On Campus
    Guerrieri Center Information Desk
    Sending Faxes: $1.00 for first page; $1.00 each additional page
    Receiving Faxes: $0.75 per page
    Off Campus
    Minuteman Press
    1008 S. Salisbury Blvd
    Salisbury, Maryland 21801

    FexEx Office Print & Ship Center
    800 S. Salisbury Blvd, Suite N
    Salisbury, Maryland 21801
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
    Microfilm & Microfiche

    The library has two microform readers/printers that accept both microfilm and microfiche (microfiche are sheets, rather than rolls, of miniature page images). These machines enable users to read, print, or electronically copy from either type of microform.

    Click here for a PDF on saving microform images.

  • Equipment Available for Checkout
    Laptops & Netbooks
    Laptops and netbooks can be checked out for 3 hours at a time. They can be renewed at the end of that period. The laptops and netbooks have the same software pre-installed as the desktop computers in the library. Please note that laptops and netbooks must be returned no later than 11:30 PM on days when the library is open until 2 AM, and a half hour before closing all other days. Laptops are available to current SU students, faculty, and staff only.
    The library currently has 22 iPads available for checkout. iPad Models available are iPad 2 (8), iPad Air (10), and iPad mini (4). To check if an iPad is available, you can stop by the circulation desk or call (410) 543-6130.
    iPod touches
    8 iPod touches are also available for checkout.
    We have several different kinds of headphones available for checkout. They can be checked out for 3 hours at a time and must remain in the library. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please report any problems with the headphones to the Circulation Desk.
    Memory Card Reader
    This reader supports most memory card formats and may be used within the library for up to 2 hours. Supported formats: SD, SD HC, mini SD, Micro SD (T-Flash), MS, MS Pro, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo, HS MS, MMC, RS-MMC
    Portable CD Players
    These can be checked out for 2 hours at a time and must remain in the library.
    Pocket Projector
    A small projector that can attach to any library laptop, netbook, or desktop computer to project the screen image onto an adjacent wall. These projectors are highly portable, so they may be used anywhere in the library and are ideal for group work. The Pocket Projector (PDF) may be used within the library for up to 2 hours.
    TI-30XS Scientific Calculator
    You may also check out a TI-30XS Scientific calculator from the Circulation Desk for up to 2 hours.
    USB Flash Drives
    These can be checked out for 1 hour from the circulation desk. They are meant to serve as an easy way to transfer files between computers while you are in the library. They cannot leave the building.
  • Mobile Device Policy

    The following policies apply to the circulation of mobile devices (including laptops, netbooks, and iPads/tablets), and should be read and thoroughly understood prior to checking out a device.


    • Devices can only be checked out by SU Library primary patrons including current students, faculty & staff.
    • A current Gull Card must be presented each time a device is checked out.
    • The Library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who abuses equipment or is repeatedly late in returning devices.

    Availability & Time Limits:

    • All Laptops/Netbooks, iPads, and iPods cannot be reserved ahead of time and are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Laptops/Netbooks can be checked out for 3 hours and may be renewed. iPads/Tablets and iPods can be checked out for 2 weeks and may NOT be renewed.
    • Laptops/Netbooks are for use in the library only and cannot be taken out of the building. iPads/Tablets and iPods may be taken out of the building.
    • Devices must be checked in 30 minutes prior to closing or 11:30 p.m.,whichever is earlier.
  • Supplies Available for Purchase
    The following supplies can be purchased at the Circulation Desk:

    CDs $1.00
    Highlighters $0.50
    Earbuds $3.00
  • Music Listening Room
    Music Listening Room
    The Music Listening Room (BL 211) on the second floor of the library may be reserved for individual listening and score study. Admission is granted with your Gull Card ID reader. To gain admission to the listening room, students will need to have their ID cards activated by the administrative assistant to the Department of Music in FH 200.
  • Special Needs & Accessibility Room

    The library provides and Accessibility Room (BL 142A) with a Kurzweil Reader, and electronic print magnifier and a Windows PC with JAWS software (Job Access with Speech) for the visually impaired. Zoomtext will englarge text for visually impaired readers. It can be used in conjunction with JAWS, but it cannot be used with Kurzweil.

    At the Circulation Desk, patrons may check out the Nemo, a pocket-sized digital magnifier, that enlarges any text from print or digital resources. The reader has a 3-hour loan period and must remain in the library.

    For questions about or issues with Accessibility Room software or equipment, please contact the Technology Librarian, Chris Woodall (

Information for Students

  • Computer Usage

    Students are welcome to use library computers for research within the guidelines of the Salisbury University Computer Use Policy. Use your SU username and password to log in.

    Wireless access is available for personal and SU-owned laptops. Contact the Reference Librarian or the Help Desk if you have difficulty connecting to the wireless network.

    To see what software is available on the library computers, download this PDF created by the Help Desk.

  • Library Computer Labs

    The lab on the first floor of Blackwell Library is open during the library's regular operating hours.

    The second-floor computer lab (BL 203) is reserved for libary instruction during the fall and spring semesters. When not scheduled for instruction, it is an open lab for students. Call the Reference Desk at (410) 548-5988 for availability.

  • Printing Services

    Each library comptuer prints to any of the three print release stations in the bulidng (Yellow, Blue, or Green). Students are allowed 300 pages per week. If you need to print more, please call the Help Desk at 7-5454 (off-campus 410-677-5454).

Information for Faculty

  • Copying Services for Faculty

    A photocopying machine for faculty use is located in BL 125, near the Circulation Desk. Most departments have a keycard for photocopying in the library. You may obtain your department keycard at the Circulation Desk.

  • Media Viewing Room

    The Media Viewing Room (BL 126), is available for small groups and is equipped with a projector. Reserve the room with the Circulation Desk.

  • Computer Lab (BL 203)

    The computer lab located on the second floor is reserved for library instruction during the fall and spring semesters. When not scheduled for instruction, it is an open lab for students.

Information for Community Members

  • Computer Usage

    Community users are welcome to use library computers for research within the guidelines of the Salisbury Univeristy Computer Use Policy. For log in information, ask at the Research Help Desk.

    Wireless access is available for personal laptops. Contact the Circulation Desk or Research Help Desk for a guest log in.

  • Printing & Copying

    In order to print, all community users must first request a guest login from either the Circulation Desk or the Reasearch Help Desk.

    • Send your print jobs to the BL140-HP4250-BK printer.
    • Prints are $0.10 each and you may pick them up at the Circulation Desk.
    • Color prints are also available for $0.50 per page. Send your print jobs to the BL140-HP5550-Color printer.
  • Government Information

    SU is a Federal Depository Library. In addition to the numerous Federal and State documents available in print at the library, we also provide a Government Documents computer with the following CD-ROMs pre-loaded:

    • Career Guide: Occupational outlook Handbook; Career Guide to Industriees '06-'07
    • Federal Assistance: catalog of federal domestic assistance, 2005
    • Health & Medicine: ICD-9-CM International Classification of Diseases, 9th rev., 2007
    • Social Data: County and city data book, 2000; Crime in the United States, 2004
    • Note: for many topics there are online resources available from the US Government. Go to and search on the title.

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