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Senior Art Show: Library Prize

Art image Art image
Human Condition Part I
Edward L. Howard, Jr., 2011
Solintered and Shined
Claire Brisendine, 2010

Student Assistant Award

For years, the library has wanted to acknowledge the hard work and exemplary service of its student assistants with a Library Student Assistant Award. Students winning this award would receive a letter of acknowledgement and a $500.00 check, both of which would be presented at Honors Convocation. An endowment of $10,000.00 would make this dream a reality.

Library Art Prize

The Library Prize is a purchase award given to a senior art major whose work showcases the best work of the senior class.

The Library Prize was created to ensure that the early work of distinguished new artists is preserved and displayed at the institution at which it was created. It is not awarded at each senior art show, rather reserved for pieces that demonstrate exceptional quality.

Works selected remain on permanent display in the library.

An endowment from the Middendorf Foundation, Inc., makes this prize possible. With additions to that fund, the library could award more prizes, create catalogs, hold receptions and purchase display cases for other media.

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