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Professional Development

Librarian instruction sessionHow Do Our Librarians Accomplish So Much?

They offer

  • Research Clinics on advanced database searching and specialized research software
  • Teach more than half the student body
  • Co-teach advanced sections with faculty
  • Create online tutorials
  • Manage and support electronic services
  • Serve on multiple University and national committees
  • Publish and present at state and national conferences

Staying current requires support: the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops and have release time to develop projects and write grants.

Enhancing these opportunities is an investment in progress.

Students by the Numbers

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In addition to lending laptops, netbooks, portable projectors, and Nemo—a hand held electronic magnifier— the library supports scanners, electronic reserves, chat research help and electronic reserves—scanning and providing 24x7 access to supplemental course readings.

Computers  Nemo

Help to expand these services, technologies and equipment will benefit every student.

Volunteer Opportunities

The library works with ShoreCAN Volunteer Center (, but you also can express a volunteer interest directly.

Your time is a valuable contribution.


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