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Subject Guide: Sustainability

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Welcome to the Blackwell Library Sustainability Subject Guide!

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In conjunction with Salisbury University’s sustainability initiatives, including the 2010 SU Climate Action Plan with its aim to reduce and offset the university’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, SU’s Blackwell Library has put together a Sustainability Resources Guide. The purpose of the guide is to allow students and researchers to quickly identify key SU resources for their areas of sustainability research. The guide will be updated in real time as new holdings are added to our collection.

Sustainability Resources Guide (Printable PDF Download)

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Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC): CDIAC is the main climate change data and information center of the U.S. Department of Energy. Among other subjects, the website covers emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, long-term climate trends and the vulnerability of coastal areas to rising sea levels.

EarthTrends: EarthTrends is a comprehensive online database that offers environmental, social and economic data in statistical, graphic and analytical form. It is maintained by the World Resources Institute, a global environmental think tank.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Climate Change): The EPA's Climate Change Division maintains the Climate Change website of the EPA. The website includes information on regulatory initiatives, U.S. climate policy, greenhouse gas emissions, and health & environmental effects of climate change.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Sustainability: The EPA's Sustainability website is maintained by the Sustainability Program of the EPA's Office of Research and Development. The site provides access to EPA programs and research activities related to the four topic areas of Safe and Sustainable Communities; Sustainable Water; Air, Climate and Energy; and Materials Management and Safe Chemicals.

Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) Data Portal: The GEO Data Portal of the United Nations Environment Programme provides national, subregional, regional and global statistics and geospatial data sets on subjects such as freshwater, population, emissions and climate.

United Nations (UN) Atlas of the Oceans: The UN Atlas of the Oceans provides information related to the sustainable development of the oceans. It has information organized under four main headings: About the Oceans, which includes history, biology, maps and statistics; Uses of the Oceans, which includes fishing, shipping, mining, tourism, dumping and marine biotechnology; Issues, including food security, climate change, and human health; and Geography, which organizes information by geographical area.

United Nations (UN) Division for Sustainable Development: The UN Division for Sustainable Development provides leadership and guidance within the UN on all issues pertaining to sustainable development. The Resources tab offers links to databases, UN publications, and other authoritative information relevant to sustainable development.

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The library liaison to Sustainability is Michael English, | 410-677-0131