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Sociology New Books                                           Updated 5/5/2009

Title Author Call Number
The disobedient generationsocial theorists in the sixties Turner, Stephen HM478 .D58 2005
Globalizations and social movementsculture, power, and the transnational public sphere Guidry, John A. HN16 .G57 2000
How class workspower and social movement Aronowitz, Stanley HN90 .S6 A75 2003
Globalization and terrorism : the migration of dreams and nightmares Nassar, Jamal R. HV6431 .N38 2005
Labor in cross-cultural perspective Durrenberger, Paul HN448.2 .S63 2006
Food culture in Italy Parasecoli, Fabio TX723 .P37 2004 
Social intelligence : the new science of success Albrecht, Karl HM1006 .A53 2006
Gay marriage and democracyequality for all Synder, R. Claire HQ1034 .U5 S58 2006
The man who shocked the world : the life and legacy of Stanley Milgram Blass, Thomas HM1031 .M55 B57 2004
It’s not the media : the truth about pop culture’s influence on children Sternheimer, Karen HQ799.2 .M35 S84 2003
The influentials Keller, Edward B. HN65 .K43 2003
A question of tortureCIA interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror McCoy, Alfred HV8599 .U6 M33 2006
Out of it : a cultural history of intoxication Walton, Stuart HV5020 .W35 2002
The cultural politics of food and eating : a reader Watson, James L. GT2850 .C853 2005
Disposable peoplenew slavery in the global economy Bales, Kevin HT867 .B35 2004
George Herbert Mead and human conduct Blumer, Herbert HM499 .B58 2004
Hard choices, easy answersvalues, information, and American public opinion Alvarez, R. Michael HM1236 .A46 2002
Families, violence and social change McKie, Linda HV6626 .M4153 2005
Children’s friendships : the beginnings of intimacy Dunn, Judy HQ784 .P7 D36 2004
Between two worlds : the inner lives of children of divorce Marquardt. Elizabeth HQ977.5 .M3746 2005
A century of genocideutopias of race and nation Weitz, Eric D. HV6322.7 .W45 2006
Art of war Machiavelli, Niccolo U101 .M1613 2005
War and genocideorganized killing in modern society Shaw, Martin U21.2 .S523 2003
Cognitive dimensions of social science Turner, Mark H61 .T97 2001
Downtown America : a history of the place and the people who made it Isenberg, Alison HT123 .I74 2004
Classical sociological theory Kimmel, Michael HM585 .C59 2007
Models of the family in modern societiesideals and realities Hakim, Catherine HQ518 .H152 2004
Key concepts in urban studies Gottdiener, Mark HT109 .G68 2005
Sexuality and human rights : a global overview Graupner, Helmut HP46.5 .I57 2000
The gendered society Kimmel, Michael S. HQ1075 .K547 2008
The practice of cultural studies Chambers, Deborah HM623. P73 2004
Mass media in a mass societymyth and reality Hoggart, Richard HM1206 .H64 2005
Extreme beauty : the body transformed Koda, Harold GT503 .K63 2004
Food and genderidentity and power Counihan, Carole GT2850 .F774 1998
Stress, culture, & aggression Linsky, Arnold HN90 .V5 L55 1995
The unexpected legacy of divorce : a 25 year landmark study Wallerstein, Judith HQ834 .W356 2001
Manhood in America : a cultural history Kimmel, Michael S. HQ1090.3 .K553 2006
Escape from violenceconflict and the refugee crisis in the developing world Zolberg, Aristide R. HV640.4 .D44 Z65 1992
Who rules America? : power and politics, and social change Domhoff, G. William HN90 .E4 D652 2006
Unbearable weightfeminism, Western culture, and the body Bordo, Susan HQ1220 .U5 B67 2003
False alarm : the truth about the epidemic of fear Siegel, Marc HM1033 .S525 2005
American attitudeswhat Americans think about the issues that shape their lives New Strategists Publishers HN90 .P8 A527 2005
Food culture in China Newman, Jacqueline TX724.5 .C5 N45 2004
Gay and lesbian rights in the United States : a documentary history Williams, Walter L. HQ76.8 .U5 G37 2003
Cities and race : America’s new black ghetto Wilson, David HV4045. W54 2007
Food culture in Mexico Vargas, Luis Alberto TX716.M4 L6 2005
Planning world citiesglobalization and urban politics Newman, Peter HT166 .N48 2005
The pornography of meat Adams, Carol J. HM636 .A33 2003
Accountability in social researchissues and debates Romm, Norma R.A. H62 .R644 2001
The sustainable urban development reader Wheeler, Stephen HT166 .S9135 2004
The illusion of cultural identity Bayart, Jean-Francois HM753 .B38513 2005
Gentrification in a global context : the new urban colonialism Atkinson, Rowland HT170 .G456 2005
Anxious parents : a history of modern childrearing in America Stearns, Peter N. HQ769 .S76 2003
The sociology of risk and gambling reader Cosgrave, James F. HV6710 .S65 2006
Behind the gateslife, security, and the pursuit of happiness in fortress America Low, Setha M. HT169.59 .U6 L69 2003
Advertising to children on TVcontent, impact, and regulation Gunter, Barrie HQ784 .T4 G858 2005
The making of green knowledgeenvironmental politics and cultural transformation Jamison, Andrew GE195 .J36 2001
Family psychology : the art of the science Pinsot, William HQ728 .F3225 2005
Food in the USA : a reader Counihan, Carole GT2853 .U5 F663 2002
Unequal childhoodsyoung children’s lives in poor countries Penn, Helen HQ792.2 .P46 2005
The Psychological effects of war and violence on children Leavett, Lewis A. U22.3 .P775 1993
Appetitesfood and sex in postsocialist China Farquhar, Judith GT497 .C6 F37 2002
Better environmental policy studieshow to design and conduct more effective analysis Susskind, Lawrence GE180 .S855 2001
Porn studies Williams, Linda HQ471 .P59 2004
Handbook of feminist researchtheory and praxis Hesse-Biber, Sharlene HQ1180 .H35 2007
Black masculinity and the U.S. Southfrom Uncle Tom to gangsta Richardson, Riche E185.86 .R537 2007
The cult of statistical significancehow the standard error costs us jobs, justice, and lives Ziliak, Stephen T. HB137 .Z55 2008
Goddesses and monsterswomen, myth, power, and popular culture Caputi, Jane HQ1190 .C368 2004
Taking on the big boys, or, Why feminism is good for families, business, and the nation Bravo, Ellen HQ1190 .B75 2007
An introduction to the sociology of work and occupations Volti, Rudi HD6971 .V64 2008
The lesbian and gay movementsassimilation or liberation Rimmerman, Craig A. HQ76.8 .U5 R58 2008
Selected writings Durkheim, Emile HM22 .F8 .D875 1972
Born losers : a history of failure in America Sandage, Scott A. HN90 .M6 S25 2006
Road to whatevermiddle-class culture and the crisis of adolescence Currie, Elliott HQ796 .C896 2006
Marriage, a historyhow love conquered marriage Coontz, Stephanie HQ503 .C66 2006
Framing the victimdomestic violence, media, and social problems Berns, Nancy HN59.2 .B468 2008
The myth of monogamyfidelity and infidelity in animals and people Barash, David P. HQ806 .B367 2002
In the flesh : the cultural politics of body modification Pitts-Taylor, Victoria GN419.15 .P57 2003
Families like minechildren of gay parents tell it like it is Garner, Abigail HQ777.8 .G37 2005
China’s urban transition Friedmann, John HT384 .C6 F75 2005
Propaganda and democracy : the American experience of media and mass persuasion Sproule, J. Michael HM1231 .S77 2005
Deviance and identity Lofland, John HM811 .L6 2002
Main currents in sociological thought Aron, Raymond HM19 .A6913 1998
Blame Canada! : South Park and popular culture Johnson-Woods, Toni PN1992.77 .S665 J64 2007
Cities in a world economy Sassen, Saska HT321 .S28 2006
Thinking about womensociological perspectives on sex and gender Andersen, Margaret HQ1426 .A625 2009
The anarchist in the libraryhow the clash between freedom and control is hacking the real world and crashing the system Vaidhyanathan, Siva T58.5 .V35 2005
Social movements and organization theory Davis, Gerald HM881 .S6293 2005
Foundations of multimethod researchsynthesizing styles Brewer, John H62 .B658 2006
The sociology of spatial inequality Laboa, Linda HM821 .S655 2007
Real researchconducting and evaluating research in the social sciences Wolfer, Loreen H62 .W625 2007
Rising up and rising downsome thoughts on violence, freedom and urgent means Vollman, William T. HM1116 .V65 2005
Hooking upsex, dating, and relationships on campus Bogle, Kathleen A. HQ35.2 .B65 2008
Gender Bradley, Harriet HQ1075 .B73 2007
Racial paranoia : the unintended consequences of political correctness : the new reality of race in America Jackson, John L. JK1726 .J33 2008
Latinos in Americaphilosophy and social identity Gracia, Jorge J.E. E184 .S75 G675 2008
A crisis of waste? : understanding the rubbish society O'Brien, Martin HT361 .O37 2008
City and nationrethinking place and identity Smith, Michael P. HT361 .C579 2001
A second Chicago school? : the development of a postwar American sociology Fine, Gary Alan HM47 .U62 C47 1995
Beaten down : a history of interpersonal violence in the West del Mar, David Peterson HM886 .P474 2002


The festive staterace, ethnicity, and nationalism as cultural performance Guss, David M. HN363.5 .G87 2000
American youth gangs at the millennium Esbensen, Finn-Aage HV6439 .U5 E93 2004
Cities, war, and terrorismtowards an urban geopolitics Graham, Stephen HT119 .C573 2004
A history of private life Aires, Phillipe GT2400 .H5713 1992
The Frankfurt School and its critics Bottomore, Tom HM467 .B68 2002
The Essential Frankfurt school reader Arato, Andrew HM101 .E745 1982
Body workbeauty and self-image in American culture Gimlin, Debra L. HQ1220.U5 G56 2002
The Origin and prevention of major wars Rotberg, Robert I. U21.2 .O72 1989
Perilous prospects : the peace process and the Arab-Israeli military balance Cordesman, Anthony H. UA853 .I8 C67 1996
Power and privilege : a theory of social stratification Lenski, Gerhard E. HT609 .L44 1984
The psychology of warcomprehending its mystique and its madness LeShan, Lawrence U22.3 .L45 2002
Paradox of plenty : a social history of eating in modern America Levenstein, Harvey GT2853 .U5 L47 2003
Tastes of paradise : a social history of spices, stimulants, and intoxicants Shivelbusch, Wolfgang GT2880 .S3613 1993
Silent voicespublic opinion and political participation in America Berinsky, Adam J. HN90 .P8 B47 2006
Queer in Americasex, the media, and the closets of power Signorile, Michelangelo HQ76.8 .U5 S57 2003
Non-violent resistance (Satyagraha) Gandhi, Mahatma Hm1281 .G35 2001
The world of Mexican migrants : the rock and the hard place Hellman, Judith Adler E184 .M5 H385 2008
Marriage and cohabitation Thornton, Arland HQ536 .T455 2007
The sociology and psychology of terrorismwho becomes a terrorist and why? : a report Hudson, Rex HV6431 .H85 2005
Beggars and choosershow the politics of choice shapes adoption, abortion, and welfare in the United States Solinger, Rickie HQ767.5 .U5 S73265 2002
Looking goodmale body image in modern America Luciano, Lynne BF697.5 .B63 L83 2002
So human an animalhow we are shaped by surroundings and events Dubos, Rene Jules HM206 .D87 1998