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Subject Guide: Sociology Reference Tools

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What is a reference tool? 
  • A reference tool is a resource that is used to uncover a specific fact or piece of information.  Reference tools are generally not intended to be read sequentially or cover-to-cover.
  • Reference tools contain specific facts, definitions, overviews, background information and citations to other relevant resources.
  • Reference tools are helpful in narrowing a topic.
  • Reference tools provide definitions of concepts.
  • Reference tools include encylopedias, dictionaries, biographies, bibliographies, handbooks, atlases, maps, and thesauri.
  • Reference tools are a great place to start research!

General Sociology Reference

Encyclopedia of Sociology                         Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology
REF HM17 .E5 2000 (5 volumes)                      REF HM425 .C36 2006

Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology
REF HM585 .L24 2003

Sociology Research

Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science         The Practice of Social Research
Research Methods                                      
REF H62 .B2 2004
REF H62 .S34 2004 (3 volumes)

Demographics of the U.S.
REF HB 849.49 R875 2003

Developmental Sociology

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child              Handbook of Applied Developmental
Development                                              Science
REF HQ767.9 .C352 2005                                REF HQ767.9 .H346 (4 volumes)                       

The Millenials                                              The Encyclopedia of Aging
REF HQ796 .M4797 2004                                  REF HQ1061 .E53 2001 (2 volumes)

Older Americans
REF HQ1064 .U5 O43 2004

Marriage, Family, Sexuality, Gender

International Encyclopedia of Marriage    Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual
and Family                                                  and Transgender History in America
REF HQ9 .E52 2003 (4 volumes)                      REF HQ76.3 .U5 E53 2004 (3 volumes)

Gay and Lesbian Studies                            American Women
REF HQ75.15 .R43 2000                                  REF HQ1421 .A486 2006

Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories            American Men
REF HQ1190 .E63 2003                                    REF HQ1090.3 .A457 2006

Substance Abuse, Crime, Deviance

Encyclopedia of Drugs & Alcohol                  Drugs, Alcohol & Addictive Behavior
REF HV5804 .E53 1995 (4 volumes)                    REF HV5804 .E53 2001 (4 volumes)

Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice                   Encyclopedia of Criminology & Deviant
REF HV6017 .E52 2002 (4 volumes)                    Behavior 
REF HV6017 .E53 2001 (4 volumes)

Encyclopedia of White Collar &                      Encyclopedia of Prisons & Correctional
Corporate Crime                                             Facilities
REF HV6768 .E63 2005 (2 volumes)                      REF HV9471 .E693 2005 (2 volumes)

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics       Encyclopedia of Terrorism
REF HV7245 .N376 2003                                        REF HV6431 .K883 2003                    

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