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Political Science New Books                                Updated 5/5/2009

Title Author Call Number
Asia, America, and the transformation of geopolitics Overholt, William H. DS518.8 .O84 2008
International relations theory for the twenty-first century : an introduction Griffins, Martin JZ1305 .I5658 2007
States, nations, and the great powers : the sources of regional war and peace Miller, Benjamin JZ1242 .M54 2007
Emma Goldman : a documentary history of the American years Falk, Candace HX843.7 .G65 E427 2003
Capitalism, socialism, and democracy Schumpeter, Joseph HX72 .S33 1994
Globalization : a very short introduction Steger, Manfred B. JZ1318 .S74 2003
Losing Labour’s soul? : new Labour and the Blair government 1997-2007 Shaw, Eric JN1129 .L32 S458 2007
The cultural dynamics of democratization in Spain McDonough, Peter JN8210 .M39 1998
International justice in Rwanda and the Balkansvirtual trials and the struggle for state cooperation Peskin, Victor K5001 .P48 2008
The long detour : the history and future of the American left Weinstein, James HX83 .W43 2004
Dancin’ in the streets! : anarchists, IWWs, surrealists, Situationists & Provos in the 1960s as recorded in the pages of The rebel worker & Heatwave Rosemont, Franklin HX843 .D36 2005
Understanding international conflicts Nye, Joseph S. JZ1305 .C76 2007
When courts & Congress collide : the struggle for control of America’s judicial system Geyh, Charles Gardner KF5130 .G49 2008
One minute to midnightKennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the brink of nuclear war Dobbs, Michael E841 .D573 2008
Nixonland : the rise of a president and the fracturing of America Perlstein, Rick E855 .P47 2008
What’s wrong with the European Union and how to fix it Hix, Simon JN30 .H59 2008
The post-Soviet warsrebellion, ethnic conflict, and nationhood in the Caucasus Zurcher, Christoph DK509 .Z87 2007
The post-American world Zakaria, Fareed CB161 .Z34 2008
Introduction to Japanese politics Hayes, Louis D. DS889 .H394 2009
The Bolsheviks in power : the first year of Soviet rule in Petrograd Rabinowitch, Alexander JN6598 .S6 R33 2007
America between the warsfrom 11/9 to 9/11 : the misunderstood years between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the start of the War on Terror Chollet, Derek E839.5 .C475 2008
Kosovowhat everyone needs to know Judah, Tim DR2082 .J83 2008
Joschka Fischer and the making of the Berlin Republic : an alternative history of postwar Germany Hockenos, Paul DD290.33.F57 H63 2008
Yeltsin : a life Colton, Timothy DK290.3 .Y45 C65 2008
Modern East Asia : an introductory history Miller, John H. DS511 .M53 2008
The future of political science Lasswell, Harold Dwight JA71 .L3 2005
The Supreme Court in the intimate lives of Americans : birth, sex, marriage, childrearing, and death KF3760 .B35 2004  
The nature of peace Veblen, Thornsten B. JZ5560 .V43 1998
Campaigns and electionsissues, concepts, cases Watson, Robert P. JK2281 .C354 2003
The effects of violence on peace processes Darby, John JZ6010 .D37 2001
Worst-case scenarios Sunstein, Cass R. HM1101 .S864 2007
Occupational hazardssuccess and failure in military occupation Edelstein, David M. D25.5 .E34 2008
The Supreme Court : an essential history Hoffer, Peter Charles KF8742 .Z9 H64 2007
War crimes and just war May, Larry B105 .W3 M39 2007
China risingpeace, power, and order in East Asia Kang, David C. DS518.15 .K36 2007
The myth of American diplomacynational identity and U.S. foreign policy Hixson, Walter L. E183.7 .H595 2008
Inventing the "American way" : the politics of consensus from the New Deal to the civil rights movement Wall, Wendy L. E743 .W355 2008
Justice, gender, and the politics of multiculturalism Song, Sarah HQ1237 .J87 2007
Political construction sitesnation-building in Russia and the post-Soviet states Kolsto, Pal JN6581 .K65 2000
Liberty and power : a dialogue on religion and U.S. foreign policy in an unjust world Hehir, Bryan JZ1480 .L53 2004
The Pinochet caseorigins, progress and implications Davis, Madeleine KD373 .P56 P564 2003
Dynamics of Russian politics : Putin’s reform of federal-regional relations Reddaway, Peter JN6693.5 .S8 D86 2004
Freedom is not enoughblack voters, black candidates, and American presidential politics Walters, Ronald W. JK1924 .W343 2007
Environmental law Malone, Linda A. KF3775 .Z9 M352 2007
Defining America through immigration policy Hing, Bill Ong JV6483 .H56 2004
Blackshirts & redsrational fascism & the overthrow of communism Parenti, Michael HX44.5 .P35 1997
The legalization of drugs Husak, Douglas KF3890 .H87 2005
Breakthrough international negotiationhow great negotiators transformed the world’s toughest post-Cold War conflicts Watkins, Michael JZ6045 .W38 2001
Democratization and revolution in the USSR, 1985-1991 Hough, Jerry F. JN6500 .H68 1997
The Dynamics of deterrence Zagare, Frank C. JX1291 .Z34 1987
Explorations in political psychology Iyengar, Shanto JA74.5 .E96 1993
The origins of modern African thoughtits development in West Africa during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries July, Robert DT471 .J84 2004
Routledge philosophy guidebook to Hobbes and Leviathan Newey, Glen JC153 .N585 2008
Delusions of grandeur : the United Nations and global intervention Carpenter, Ted G. JX1977 .D43 1997

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