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There are many books in the library to help you identify repertoire.  Here are some examples, from the REF collection.

Contemporary Piano Music REF ML132.P3B88
Music for the Voice REF ML128.V7K3 1968
Woodwind Solo and Study Material REF ML128.W5V73
Brass solo and Study Material REF ML128.W5A6
Original Music for Men’s Voices REF ML128.V7T66
Avant-garde Choral Music REF ML128.V7M43
Music for More Than One Piano REF ML128.P3H52 1983
Music for Piano and Orchestra REF ML128.P3H53
Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire REF ML128.P3H5 1987
Music for the Piano REF ML128.P3F7 1973
Concert Piano Repertoire REF ML128.P3F39
Organ Preludes REF ML128.O6E4
Orchestral Music REF ML128.O5D3
Literature of the Woodwind Quintet REF ML128.C4P5
Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order  REF ML128.C545L4 1983
Choral Music by Afro-American Composers REF ML128.C48W5


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