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Subject Guide: NAXOs Music Library

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Quick Guide for Faculty

Static URLs 

These are permanent links to playlists, or to CDs and tracks which you may share with students or other faculty.  Students may share static URLs to specific CD tracks with faculty or fellow students.  These URLs are shown throughout the database.


Playlists can be created for classroom use or student assignments. Here’s how:

1.      Enter your faculty password (not case sensitive).

This may be obtained from Kathryn Kalmanson at 410-543-6190 or

2.      Search as usual and select the tracks you want to use by placing checkmarks in the boxes before each track.


3.      Click on “Add to playlists.”


4.      A window will open.  Select an existing playlist or start a new one by giving it a name.


5.      When you have added the selected items, click "save."


6.      When done, please be sure to log out so that other faculty members may work in this space.


Sound Quality

  •  "CD" refers to a sound quality of 128kbps; broadband required.
  • "Near CD" refers to a sound quality of 64kbps; broadband or DSL / ISDN required.
  • "FM" refers to a sound quality of 20kbps; suitable for a dial-up connection.

When streaming hesitates or breaks, it usually means that you do not have enough bandwidth. Press the pause button on the listening window, click on a lower sound quality in the box on the left, then resume playing. 

For detailed information and brief video demonstrations, click on the NAXOS Help tab and select "instructor."


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The librarian liaison to Music is Kathryn Kalmanson, | 410-543-6190