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Evidence Based Nursing Practice - Information Sources


Guides to finding literature for evidence based practice:


Bernard Becker Medical Library Washington University, St. Louis

Evidence at Becker


Nursing & Allied Health Resources Section, Medical Library Association

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Resources


Penn State University Libraries, University Park

Evidence Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses


University of Maryland Health Sciences & Human Services Library

Evidence-Based Medicine, Introduction & Resource


Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library, see links listed for Evidence-based Nursing


Journal articles about evidence-based nursing:

Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step: Asking the Clinical Question: A Key Step in Evidence-Based Practice  "PICOT is an acronym for the elements of the clinical question: patient population (P), intervention or issue of interest (I), comparison intervention or issue of interest (C), outcome(s) of interest (O), and time it takes for the intervention to achieve the outcome(s) (T).",_Step_by_Step__Asking_the.28.aspx 

Evidence-Based Practice: Step by Step Series in the American Journal of Nursing, Nov. 2009, Jan. 2010, Mar. 2010, and May 2010, to be continued.  Part 4: Searching for the Evidence

Scott, K. & McSherry, R. (2008) Review: Evidence-based nursing: Clarifying the concepts for nurses in practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing 18, 1085-1095.

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Duffy, M. (2005) Systematic reviews: Their role & contribution to evidence based practice. Clinical Nurse Specialist 19, 15-17. 

French, P. (2002) What is the evidence on evidence based nursing: An epistemological concern. Journal of Advanced Nursing 37, 250-257.

McSherry, R., Artley, A. & Holloran, J. (2006) Research awareness: An important factor for evidence-based practice? Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing 3, 103-115.

Romyn, D. M. and others. (2003) The notion of evidence in evidence-based practice by the nursing philosophy working group. Journal of Professional Nursing 19, 184-188.

Rycroft-Malone, J. and others. (2004) What counts as evidence in evidence based practice? Journal of Advanced Nursing 47, 81-90.

Thurston, N.E. & King, K.M. (2004) Implementing evidence-based practice: Walking the talk. Applied Nursing Research 17, 239-247.


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