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U.S. Government Information : A - Z

Agencies Directory Courtesy of the LSU library
American FactFinder Census Bureau
American with Disabilities Act Homepage

Background Notes - World Nations
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Bills Full Text - 1989-current
Bills Full Text - 1993-current
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-present; searchable database
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774-2005 [PDF format]
Bookstore - U.S. Government Online Bookstore (GPO) Current database of publications available for sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office
Budget of the United States

CFDA: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Campaign Finance Data (
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 1976-current
Census Bureau - American FactFinder
Census - Historical Census Browser (University of Virginia) National data, 1790-1960
CIA World Factbook
Citing Government Information
Code of Federal Regulations (GPO/National Archives)
Condition of Education
Congressional Directory
Congressional Research Service Reports (OpenCRS)
Congressional Research Service Reports - Military, Intelligence, Space (FAS)
Constitution of the U.S. (Cornell Univ. Law School)
Consumer Information Catalog
Consumer Price Indexes Home Page
Copyright Basic Information
Country Information - "Background Notes" (State Department)
Country Studies & Country Profiles Extensive information on foreign countries with searchable database.
County and City Data Book -(2007)
Crime Statistics - Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Crime Statistics - Uniform Crime Reports
Current Population Reports
Current Population Reports
Depository Libraries Clickable map of U.S. Federal depository libraries
Digest of education statistics
Digitization - Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects

Economic Indicators 1998-current
Economic Report of the President, 1995-current (GPO Access) 1995-current
EDGAR (SEC) Contains the full text of all documents filed electronically with the SEC since 1/1/94 (10Ks, 10Qs, Prospectus, etc.)
Employment (Federal Jobs Digest)
Energy Department (DOE) - OSTI Reports  OSTI = Office of Scientific & Technical Information
Environmental Protection Agency

FDSys - Federal Digital System - "America's Authentic Government Information"
FDSys - Advanced Search by Collection (e.g. Congressional Hearings, Committee Prints, etc.) FEDBIZOPPS Federal Business Opportunities (Contracts, etc.)
Federal Government Resources on the Web (University of Michigan)
Federal Register (GPO Access) 1994-current
Fedstats - U.S. Government Statistics

FedWorld (U.S. National Technical Information Service)
FirstGov - Official U.S. Government Portal (Now called USA.Gov)
Foreign Aid Data (U.S. Agency for International Development)
Foreign Relations of the United States (recent series)
Foreign Relations of the United States (historical series - Univ. of Wisconsin Digital Collection)
Foreign Trade Statistics (U.S. Census Bureau)

General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports - Current
General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports 1989 - 2008
Google Search there no longer is a government Google Search
Government Agencies, U.S. ((USA.GOV)
Government Information by Topic (USA.GOV)
Government Information Locator Service (see FDSys above)
Government Manual U.S. Government Manual, searchable
Government Periodicals - Selected List (links via S.E. Lousiana University)
GulfLINK: Persian Gulf War Illnesses Reports Library

Healthfinder.Gov Links to government health information
Hearings, Congressional - Full Text 1985 - current (99th Congress - Present)
Historical Publications of the United States Commission on Civil Rights
Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970
Homeland Security Digital Library
Human Rights Practices Country Reports

Federal tax forms and publications

Jobs (FedWorld) No longer available (see
Jobs (Federal Jobs Digest)

Kids: Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Kids: (formerly For Kids   

Land Patent Records Site (BLM)
Laws - Full Text of U.S. Public Laws 1995-current (104th Congress - Present)
Library of Congress
Lobbyists Data (

Maps : National Atlas of the U.S & North America
Maps : National Map Geospatial data from multiple agencies
Maryland Grain & Livestock Report National Agricultural Statistics Service
Military Actions Abroad 1798-1993
Military Statistics (From the Pentagon Library) Note: non-military statistics included as well
Military - Korean War Casualty Lists (National Archives)
Military - Vietnam War Casualty Lists (National Archives)
Military - Vietnam War Era POW/MIA Database
Military - World War II Casualty Lists
Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications 1976-current

NASA Technical Reports Server National Archives
National Archives - Access to Archival Databases (AAD)
National Archives Library Information Center (ALIC)
National Do Not Call Registry
National Political Index Links to thousands of political Web sites
National Security Archive Archive of declassified government documents (George Washington University)
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Office of Compensation Administration U.S. Government human resources agency

Patent and Trademark Office
Public Records Directory 
Federal Citizen Information Center  

Registry of U.S. Government Publication Digitization Projects
Resources for Teachers (Virginia website - no longer available) Science information portal, includes National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports (STAR)  (no longer available - see (STI) below
Scientific and Technical Information (STI) - NASA
Serial Set 1995-current - (GPO Access)
Social Security Handbook
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
State Department
State Department Travel Warnings and Information
Statistical Abstract of the United States 1878-2012
Statistics Canada Canada's National Statistical Agency - Canadian Census 2006, etc.
Subject Guides and Internet Resources for U.S. Government (Columbia University)
Supreme Court - Official Site
Survey of Current Business

Thomas Legislative Information from the Library of Congress
Travel Information (U.S. Department of State) Passport & visa information, travel warnings, etc.
Treaties 1967- Present {90th Congress to Present} (Thomas)
Treaties in Force (Dept. of State)
Treaties Links (Law Library of Congress)

Uniform Crime Reports
U.S. Citizens Residing Abroad (GSA)
U.S. Code (Cornell Law School)
U.S. Code (GPO FDSys)
U.S. Code (U.S. House)***
U.S. Embassies
U.S. Government Online Bookstore
U.S. Government Manual
University of Michigan Government Documents - formerly "Government Documents in the News"

USA.Gov - Official U.S. Government Portal
USA Trade Online (in-library use only on PCs 32 & 33)

Vietnam War Casualty Lists
Vietnam War Era POW/MIA Database

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents 1993-current
White House Press Releases
World Factbook (CIA)
World War II Casualty Lists

Zip Code Lookup U.S. zip codes