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U.S. Government Information

Good Places to Start ...

USA.GOV - U.S. Government's Offical Web Portal. The federal government's initiative to index all government web sites and provide comprehensive searches...
(START HERE! if you mainly want to BROWSE, although you can try a search in the search box

GOOGLE - One of the best keyword search engines - can be used for searching government information on the internet, but there are no searchable subject categories such as in USA.GOV and GOVSPOT.  (START HERE!  if you know specifically what you are looking for.)Note: You may want to frame your search using quotes  "  " around your search terms to get more relevant articles)

GOVSPOT - Easy to use menu-driven entry point for miscellaneous Federal, State, & Local government information  (Good for browsing & does have keyword searching)

Federal Digital System (FDSys) - Principal entry point for U.S. Government core publications via the internet plus much more. The Government Printing Office's "GPO Access" provides access to such publications as the the Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Code, congressional bills, slip opinions of the Supreme Court, the Catalog of Government Publications,etc.
(Note: see their "A-Z Resource List" Link)

SCIENCE.GOV - Science Information from the U.S. Government