Holloway Hall

Subject Guide: Dance

Poetry In Motion


Creative Group Study
Each group selects an idea for movement, develops and creates a brief dance study, and shares this study with the class.

Thursday May 7th
Each group will search for and select a haiku or poem; this will be the idea or catalyst for the creation of your group movement study.
Three examples of haiku (kindly provided by Dr. Hutchinson):

Old dark sleepy pool...
quick unexpected frog
goes plop!  Watersplash!

Lightning flash, crash...
waiting in the bamboo grove
see three dewdrops fall

Leaf falling on leaf
on piled-up leaves...
rain splashing
in pools


Titles and Call numbers of Useful Poetry Books in our library:

(NOTE:  some of these books are on the cart at the front of the room for you to look at along with some others that might be helpful...)

The Other Side: shorter poems   Juv PZ7.J629Ot 1998
Ashey Bryan's ABC of African-American Poetry   Juv PS591.N4A84 1997
In Daddy's arms i am tall   Juv PS591.N4I6 1997
Make a Joyful Sound   Juv PS591.N4M32 1996
The palm of my heart   Juv PS591.N4P25 1996
Whirlwind is a ghost dancing   Juv PM197.E3B43 1974
Of this world: a poet's life in poetry   Juv PL797.2.Z5L4
The prancing pony; nursery rhymes from Japan   Juv PN6110.C4D37
In a spring garden   Juv PL782.E3L4

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