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CMAT297 - Communication Research

CMAT 297 Tutorial Table of Contents:

Introduction         Scholarly Sources        Keywords        Finding Books      

Find It Button/ILL     
    Finding Articles       Statistics        Citing Your Work       

Getting Help


Help from Krista:

I'm available to help you in a variety of ways with your research for CMAT297
I love to help students, so please don't ever feel like you are burdening me or
bothering me if you come to me for help!  It's my job!

  • You can visit me in person in my office, Blackwell Library 128. 

  • You can visit me at the Research Services Desk on Mondays 10-12, Tuesdays 12-2, and Thursdays 10-12

  • You can reach me by phone, 410-677-0118.

  • You can reach me by email:

  • You can reach me as a course instructor through MyClasses (although I will not check that as frequently as the other email).  You can chat with me if I'm online, email me through the MyClasses System, or post on a Discussion Board that I will be monitoring.

  • You can reach me on Facebook and Facebook chat.  Friend me :)  I have lots of students who are friends and then when I'm online (which is nearly ALWAYS!), you can ask me questions if you need to!  You can also become a fan of Blackwell Library on Facebook!

Other sources of help:

If I'm not around in the library, another librarian can help you.  Just stop by the Research Services Desk on the main floor and talk to the librarian or student there.

If you're not on campus and it's our normal library hours, we offer a chat research service.
Find out more

You can also get help 24 hours a day/7 days a week through the Maryland AskUsNow chat reference service:

The Communications Subject Guide has more general help for Communications Students, so feel free to check it out!