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Chemistry 403/413 - Seminar

Welcome to your Library Workshops!

Each module is comprised of a short reading section that explains the module topic in detail, with specific chemistry-related examples. 

The modules each end with a very short (5-10 question) quiz that you will submit electronically, the results of which your instructor and I will each receive a copy of. 

The modules build on each other sequentially, and so should be taken in order.  Completing one module every few weeks is usually best, as your own research should progress in a similarly slow but steady fashion.  This way your own research progress will build upon and compliment what you learn in the modules.


Module 1 - What's In Blackwell Library

Module 2 - Research Steps

Module 3a - Blackwell Resources for Research

Module 3b - Blackwell Resources for Research

Module 4 - Source Evaluation and Selection

Module 5 - Documenting in ACS Style