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Standard & Poor's Research Insight database is available on library & lab computers on campus.  It is a well-known & powerful financial analysis software and database program combined.  RI provides 20 years of annual data, 12 years of quarterly data, 7 years of business and geographic segment data, and 240 months of stock prices and dividend data for approximately 16,000 active and inactive companies.

A key difference between RI and other annual report/SEC databases:

Annual report/SEC databases (Lexis-Nexis Academic, Buckmaster Annual Stockholder Reports, & Mergent Online) provide financial reports for companies as they are reported to the SEC.  The databases are 'report based.'


RI standardizes data definitions so that companies can be compared equally.  'Cost of Goods Sold' will be figured and reported in the same way for each company in the database.  Figures will sometimes differ between the actual annual reports and RI data.

Help Guides:

As Reported Data vs. Comparative Data Analysis (Publisher File)

Creating Sets  (Publisher File)

Locating Predefined Reports  (Publisher File)

Locating Predefined Charts (Publisher File)

Reports/Historical Time Series(Publisher File)

Screening (Publisher File)