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Subject Guide: Business Market Share/Rankings

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This guide lists sources which provide company market share & rankings data. 

For further information & assistance in using any of the sources listed, please contact our reference staff:

  • In person, at the Reference Desk on the 1st Floor of the Blackwell Library

  • By phone @ 410-548-5988

  • Through e-mail, using Ask-a-Librarian

Market share is the percentage of the total industry sales of a given type of product or service that are attributable to a given company.

Market share information or total sales for an industry will be located in some industry sources.

Gale Business Insights: Essentials
Off-campus, sign in using your Gull Card barcode and last name.  Choose SU as the campus and then click the log-in button.

Business Insights: Essentials brings together in a single database company profiles, company brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies, and periodicals. Search this database to find detailed company and industry news and information.  Coverage is from 1980 to the present.

To locate rankings/market share for a specific company: 
  • Click on the 'Company' graphic from the database home page

  • Search for your company by name or ticker symbol and choose 'ultimate parent'.

  • From the results list, click on the specific company name. 

  • On the company page, look across the top of the screen and click on the 'Rankings' tab.

  • Two tabs are available from the rankings screen; (1) Rankings ; and (2) Market Share.

  • At the top of the source list, you may ... 'Click to see Companies in ... ranked by revenue' from the Ward's Directory.

  • Review the tabs across the top of the screen for further information including news, investment reports, rankings, etc.

Business Rankings Annual
Reference HG 4050 .B88 2005

5,000 ranking lists have been compiled from periodicals, newspapers, financial services, directories, statistical annuals and other printed material. The "top 10" from each of these rankings appears in this volume, grouped under standard subject headings for easy browsing.  See 'Outline of Contents' in front of the book for a subject index or 'Index' for name of company in the back of the book.  Information can be looked up by SIC Code in the 'SIC Code Index' in the back.  Numbers in the indexes refer to entry numbers not page numbers.

Business Source Premier
Off-campus, sign in using your Gull Card barcode and last name.  Choose Salisbury University as the campus and then click the log in button.

For market share articles:

  • Click on the 'Advanced Search' tab at the top of the search page.

  • Scroll down and find the dialogue box for NAICS/Industry Code.  Enter the NAICS Code for your company. 

  • In the first search dialogue box, use the pull-down menu to select 'subject term' and enter market share.

  • Click the 'search' button at the top of the screen.

  • Browse articles.

  • Enter the name of your company as an additional search term as needed.

List of the Fortune 500 Companies (USA Today)
"The Fortune 500 ranking of the nation's largest companies compiled by Fortune magazine on the basis of 2003 revenue." 

Fortune 500 Special Issue
Ready Reference HG 4057 .A28
*Ask for title at the Reference Desk.

    Note:  500 Lists in an April issue each year.

Market Share Reporter
Reference HF 5410 .M35 2006 v. 1-2

Presenting comparative business statistics in a clear, straightforward manner, Market Share Reporter affords an immediate overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources. A convenient arrangement by four-digit SIC code helps business decisionmakers and researchers easily access needed data for more than 2,000 entries. Each entry features a descriptive title; data and market description; a list of producers/ products along with their market share; and more."

Special Issues:  Lists of Lists

"The List of Lists is a database of ranked listings of companies, people and resources freely available on the Internet. Content comes from a number of sources including:, Gary Price's "ResourceShelf" and individual users of the LOL."  Provides ranking information and sometimes market share information arranged by industry description.

If no other information is found, divide the total sales for your industry as listed in the industry sources, by the total sales for your company and list that figure as an approximate.  State whether the figure is for public companies, private companies, or both.  Create a comparison report of companies in your industry with 'Total Revenue' figures for each using Mergent/FIS Online.

Mergent Online
 Off-campus, sign in using your Gull Card barcode and last name.  Choose Salisbury University as the campus and then click the log in button.

Blackwell Library subscribes to the U.S. Company Data module which offers a wealth of detail on items including business description, history, property, subsidiaries, officers & directors, long-term debt and capital stock. 

  • Do a 'Basic Search' for the company name or ticker symbol.

  • Click on the company name on the next search screen.

  • Click on the 'Create Report' tab across the top of the next screen.
  • Click on the link to the right 'Comparison Reports.'
  • Next, click on the link to 'Compare Company Against Industry.'
  • On the form:
        1.  Select Comparison Report Type - All Companies
        2.  Report Item Selection (Category - Financial Summary)
            (SubCategory - Total Revenue)
            Click on 'Add Report Item' *can also click on 'Include industry average'
            Click 'Create Report'
  • Click download  -- will be an .csv file that can be uploaded into Excel.