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Subject Guide: Business FINA 311: Financial Position

Introduction  Selecting a Company  Locating the Annual Report  Examining Financial Position
 Industry Comparison  Ratios  Ratings  Riskiness

Examining the Financial Position of the Company

Library Financial Analysis Sources:

Business Source Premier

  For industry information:

  • Click on 'Company Profiles' in the top toolbar on the left hand side for company information
  • Company Profile should provide revenue analysis for most companies.


LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe

Company Profile sources on L-N include well-known titles such as Disclosure Profiles, Hoover's Company and Industry Reports, Media General, Nelson Profiles, Standard & Poor's Corporate Register and S&P Daily News

  • From L-N's front page, click on the 'Business' category on the left tool-bar.

  • On the next screen, click on the link to 'Company Profiles'.

  • Type your company name in the first dialogue box.
  • In the sources box you can select several resources for your company.
  •  The best resources for your assignment are Nelson's Public Company Profiles, which can provide ratings for your company.
  • Another good resource is Hoover's Company Records- In Depth Records. Hoover's provides a great list of competitors for your company.

Internet Sources:

Enter ticker symbol at the top of the site--'Get a Quote'. 

Yahoo! Finance
Enter ticker symbol at the top of the site.