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Research Articles

Research Article = Primary Source

A research article, also frequently known as a primary source, can be distinguished from its journalistic cousins by a few distinct features.  Before you decide on a source for your presentation, make sure that it fits both of the two main criteria below:

  • the abstract is full of active verbs - like: we measured; we analyzed; we sampled; we studied; we collected; we surveyed; we dissected - all verbs that make it clear that the authors of the paper actually *did* something, and didn't just read about what other people did. 
  • the paper should be written in clear research article style - and therefore should have an abstract and introduction, as well as a materials & methods, results, analysis, and conclusion sections. 

Click on the below links - in  order - to complete your library tutorial on searching for Primary/Research sources within an academic setting.

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