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One grading option for this class is to write a research paper, an essay, or a series of short, critical summaries of journal articles. 

If you choose to write a research paper, you will have the opportunity to explore in depth a clearly defined, limited topic on the art period that was covered in the class.  The subject of the paper must fall within the scope of this semester's work as covered in class and/or in the assigned readings.

Note that the research paper is different from a report, which is essentially a compilation of information that is already known.  A research paper - in contrast - presents new information or new ideas; it conveys new insights or makes new connections.  A true research paper is centered around a research question, which in turn leads to a thesis.  The thesis is the working idea behind your paper, and what you end up writing about to answer your research question.

The paper must have a bibliography listing the books, articles, and other sources, including Internet sources, that you used in its preparation.  Note that quotations and paraphrases of other writers’ ideas must be footnoted.  You must also include reproductions (postcards, photocopies, slides, images from the internet, etc.) of the works about which you are writing.

If you have any questions about this assignment, are in doubt about the suitability of a subject that interests you, or need help in choosing a subject, please see me.

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