Blackwell Library
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iPads @ Blackwell Library

Blackwell Library has 8 iPads that can be reserved in advance if you know you will need one for a particular time period (conferences, presentations, etc.). Click the button below to submit a reservation. Please make your reservation at least 1 week in advance!

We also have 8 iPads that can be checked out any time from the circulation desk if they are available. These cannot be reserved. To check if any are currently available, stop by the circulation desk or call (410) 543-6130.

Information about our iPad program, including loan periods and fines, can be found here.

If you would like to reserve an iPad for no sooner than 1 week from now, click the button below. If you'd like to check out an iPad today, call or stop by the circulation desk to see if one is available (DO NOT reserve an iPad if you need one immediately).

iPad image