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At Salisbury University, information literacy is the acquisition of skills and concepts that enable learners to access information efficiently, evaluate it critically, and use it appropriately.
Information literate students are competent independent learners able to use information for problem solving and lifelong learning.

Faculty Librarians
welcome the opportunity to work with course faculty to incorporate Information Literacy into existing courses.  To this end, the following items may prove useful:
Building Blocks
          Summary of ACRL Competency Standards (PDF)
          Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (ACRL) (PDF)
     Learning Objectives & Performance Outcomes
          Model Information Literacy Development Plan for First Year Students (PDF)
          Model Information Literacy Development Plan for Fourth Year Students (PDF)

Nuts & Bolts
Ready-to-use assignments
          Evaluating Research Sources (PDF)
          Database Discovery Project (PDF)
          Journaling Project (PDF) - Semester-long Project
          The Paper Trail Exercise (PDF) - Semester-long Project
          Writing an Annotated Bibliography (PDF)
          Group Discussion: What is a Catalog?  What's in a Catalog?
          Use a Library Database or Use the Web?
          The Quality of Information
          Understanding the Chain of Information
          Information and Time
          The Successful Research Process
          Creating a Research Question
          Creating Effective Search Statements
          Keywords and Subject Headings

     Enhance your existing assignments
          You may use the ready-to-use exercises above to revise your current assignments;
          You may wish to consult a bibliography of Library Instruction Resources in Blackwell;
 You may wish to consult with a faculty librarian
to infuse IL concepts -
How-To Tools
Ready-to-use tools from the library (as stand-alones or to weave into your course content)
          Magazines vs. Journals (PDF)
Evaluating Web Site Content (PDF)
Preventing Plagiarism: A Student Guide (PDF)
Interlibrary Loan Tutorial (Windows Media Player)
Find It Button Tutorial (Windows Media Player)
          Interlibrary Loan & ILLiad FAQs (PDF)
Finding Government Information (PDF)
Direct Borrowing (Windows Media Player)
Locating Course E-Reserves (PDF)
          Off Campus Database Access Tutorial (Windows Media Player)
Citation Style Guide (HTML)
          Online Library Tutorial - a 30 minute tutorial highlighting library services and resources,
            where to find them and how they function. The tutorial can be used as an assignment.
          Research Guides by Subject - subject-specific guides that recommend specific books,
            databases, journals, websites and other useful resources
Traditional Implements
     Librarians continue to offer the more traditional library instruction sessions - arranged
     during regular class meeting times and taught by librarians - a sort of 'guest lecturer'
     model.  To learn more about it,
click on the 'Instruction Home' or 'Instruction Policy'
     links at the top of this page.

By combining strengths, both course and library faculty can work together to help students see that information literacy is not something that exists in a vacuum and that by becoming information literate, they can better understand coursework, develop critical thinking skills, produce better research papers, ask more probing questions and access necessary information with ease.

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