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Faculty librarians welcome the opportunity to ease student transition into the university.  To this end, Blackwell Library encourages Delmarva public or private school instructors to arrange class visits to the library, so that students may become familiar with research in an academic setting. 

Before contacting the library to schedule a visit, please read the following policies/procedures:

 Library Instruction for Delmarva School Instructors


    Most library instruction visits are for high school aged groups.  Visits by younger student
      groups may be arranged upon approval by the Dean of Libraries & Instructional Resources.
    Group visits must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by calling the Library
      Instruction Coordinator at 410-548-5972.
    In order to provide adequate access to library resources, and to facilitate a meaningful
      learning experience, groups are limited to a maximum of 30 students.
    Unscheduled visits, by groups of any size, are not permitted.
    When arranging a group visit, instructors are asked to provide the following information:
    arrival and departure time
          number of students and supervising adults
          topics and/or types of information students will be seeking
           learning objectives for the visit
    The supervising adults must accompany and remain with the class during their visit.
    Visiting students must abide by the Blackwell Library Computers Use Policy (posted in the
and the Blackwell Library Code of Conduct.
    Blackwell Library does not use filters on any Internet computer; therefore, teachers and
      other adults accompanying the group should take responsibility for restricting student
      access to Internet sites that the school, teachers, or parents find objectionable.
    Salisbury University faculty, students and staff have priority in the use of library facilities,
      computers, and materials at all times.
    Groups that are not able to arrive at their scheduled time should notify the library promptly
      by contacting a person at the Reference Desk at 410-548-5988 or the Circulation Desk at

Instruction Coordinator: Stephen Ford, BL128, 410-548-5972,

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The Library Instruction Coordinator is Susan Brazer (Interim), | 410-548-5972