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How can I tell what e-book platform I'm using?
Once you find the record for the e-book you'd like to read, that e-book will be hosted on a particular platform from one of our e-book vendors: EBSCO or EBL (E-Book Library). You can tell which one you are using by looking in the upper left corner of the page at the icon for the service. You can see examples of each icon here.
Can I copy and paste from an e-book?
It depends on which platform you are using. You cannot copy and paste from e-books hosted on EBSCO, however EBL does allow you to copy and paste a limited amount of text from an e-book.
Can I copy and paste from Adobe Digital Editions?
No, not at this time.
Can I download an e-book to more than one device?
Yes, but you must be sure to sign in with your AdobeID when you open the book in Adobe Digital Editions. If you choose not to sign in, you will only be able to read the book on the first device you open it on.
I found an e-book, but there's no option to download it. Why not?
Due to publisher restrictions, not all e-books can be downloaded. If the download button does not appear on an e-book, the reason is most likely that the publisher has disallowed downloading.

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